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Dear friends, sisters-in-RA, fellow human beings,

over the weekend, no doubt you have seen the heart-breaking image of a little Syrian boy, washed ashore in Turkey. For me it has highlighted the urgent need for all of us to step up to the plate and do something about the current humanitarian crisis in the Middle East, as have the images of hundreds of people welcoming the refugee trains in Austria and Germany, with food and gifts. Tbh, I am put to shame by the efforts of some of my friends who are actively helping on the ground. A friend of mine is organising shelter in Regensburg (town in Southern Germany), directing the logistics of sheltering refugees, collecting items and welcoming the first busloads of refugees. Another friend in Austria is collecting items. Even in Ireland my German friends are active. A crafty friend of mine has pledged all proceeds…

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Operation #shaRAsmile (#RichardArmitage)

RAndom thoughts

Ok, so it’s Richard’s 4*th birthday this Saturday. I realize that not everyone can donate to charity or watch Hannibal or any of Richard’s other works. Some may not be online to trend a hashtag or edit a picture. Some might not be able to type or write what they want to say to Richard for his big day.

There is something we all can do. We can all #shaRAsmile.

(sound it out: shaR(e) A smile)

At some point Richard Armitage has probably made you smile. Whether that was Richard as John Thornton, Harry Kennedy, Thorin Oakenshield, Lucas North, Guy of Gisborne John Standring, or any of the many and varied characters he’s played. Or maybe Richard made you smile as Richard Armitage himself.

What I would like everyone to do is to make someone smile on August 22nd. You can do something nice for someone or just smile at…

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2015 Armitage Weekly Round-Up – tumblr edition #25

Guylty Pleasure

How are you getting along with the whole aspect of live experiencing an Armitage project? Well, it’s not entirely live, of course. We are still divided by when we actually get to see the latest episodes of Hannibal, with Canada first, the US following after and the UK bringing up the rear and many international fans watching somewhere in between. For me, it is the first time in this fandom that I get to discover a piece of Armitage’s TV work along with my fellow fans like this. It’s different to the movie premieres, or the live theatre work we were treated to last year. With different release dates of movies depending on territory, there was never a coherent live experience of the Hobbit films (or ITS), and with The Crucible drawn out over three months, we all saw Armitage’s terrific stage work at different times. But…

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Hannibal 3×10 “The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun” – Review

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[SPOILERS for those of you who are watching Hannibal on UK TV] Ok, I am done with all the extolling of Richard Armitage’s craft. It is established – he portrays Dolly magnificently, the body acting is fantastic, and American accent and terrible voice or not, the whole package is just…

2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #21

Guylty Pleasure

Due to unforeseen circumstances the Weekly Round-up is more than a day late this week. Ooops. I’ll get into that in a separate post because I have some pics I want to share with you, but suffice to say the Round-up had to be pushed back. However, I continued to collect links as I went along the week, working from London, so nothing was lost…

Anyway, not unexpectedly, this week’s Round-up is dominated by all things SDCC and Hannibal. With Armitage’s appearance at Comic Con, tumblr was buried under an avalanche of original pictures and fan art, caps and gifs from San Diego. Good times! Those of you who are following my tumblr may have already seen a lot of the links that I am posting today because instead of my usual practice of saving links in a WP post, I simply “recorded” the note-worthy stuff by reblogging them on…

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Chopped …

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Apparently we aren’t the only ones who are enjoying the promo (?) pic released a couple of days ago. Ms. Friel posted the above on Instagram and then Fraser’s mom commented on the post: amandajanekellyLove this shot of you, Richard and ‘our’ little boy! #proudmama! Why does this…