TC+1 – Please Answer My Poll

giggles of girlish glee – can’t wait for the next RA event/movie/misc. this is better than a secret handshake 🙂

Guylty Pleasure

Day 1 of the new era. After checking last night’s SD outfit and replying to all blog comments I was at a serious loose end.

Yeah, when I am posting sweet nothings on Twitter it is really serious…

To distract myself from the heartache (…), I started researching button badge makers. And then I started designing buttons. Because we really need some discreet way of recognising each other in the future. Really, all this clandestine walking past each other while being sure that we have spotted a fellow sufferer of Armitagitis… Silly. I mean, *I* have a brilliant bag with Robert Hermitage’s face plastered all over it, so *you* might spot me. But how can *I* spot you? Save the silly beard idea (really, Richard, that’s a no-go. I don’t even like a beard on you, never mind…

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RA Today ~ August 22, 2014


There have been dozens, if not hundreds of beautiful edits, pic sets and gif sets today.  It’s been a little overwhelming and with some personal business to take care of today, I haven’t been able to pull them all in.  Apologies for that.    Also, the edits I had planned for today will wait until things cool down a bit 😉   This is a longer than usual post so I’m giving the ‘read more’ a try.


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Happy Armitage-Day with a List of Photo Shoots

Guylty is my hero in so many ways. This is the most phenomenal post!

Guylty Pleasure

What do you give somebody who has everything? You don’t give them a tangible present at all. You do something in their honour, possibly. Or you create something for them, a poem, a painting, a birthday cake? Sometimes it is enough to let people know that we are thinking of them on their special day. And thus I have not written a birthday card to Richard Armitage. I am slightly cynical in that I believe there is not much point in writing to him. Or if I write, then I’d be writing for myself, really, and not for him, so I might as well do that here, on the blog that is dedicated to him but really is much more about and for his fans than about and for him. I think he’ll survive my growing lack of allegiance *ggg*.

When I do write about Richard Armitage, I like to…

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RA Today ~ August 21, 2014

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With the arrival of August 22nd, tumblr is awash is birthday wishes.  It’s not practical to include them all here and I’m under a deadline to finish a fic so I will post early today and leave the birthday posts on tumblr.



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2 videos

ITS intro & trailer for China

2 pic & gif sets

Richard’s smile by richardarmtiage-poland

Professor Chuckles interview part 7 by gimmethehobbit

 Anglophile Channel interview gifs

 Favourite interview gifs by richards-smile

ITS adorable interview gifs by look-back-look-back-at-me

Quotes by richards-smile

Tolkienette’s birthday card

Lucas by lotsofchocolateicecream

Photoshoots with coloured backgrounds by tolkienette

Cinemax 2012 photo set by riepu10

Cute stage door pic (bottom right of set) by jkrfan7

Lucas North by fallenfromhell 

ITS favourite scene gifs by richardarmitage-poland

2 photos

by enikoni



transparent background by stillbetterthanthesolarsystem


getty images via mezzmerizedbyrichard

by imjustahobbit


Happy Birthday by j5o5s5e5

by rockitrocket