2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #33

Guylty Pleasure

Ok, I can’t resist. I am writing and scheduling this on Wednesday evening, ahead of my trip across the water. When you are reading this, I will be sitting in the Barbican, watching Cumberbatch in Hamlet. However, before I left, there were already so many goodies on Tumblr that I decided on a whim, at 10.45 pm to quickly throw the link list together. Wouldn’t want to miss all this:

UATSC round-up 33

  1. First of all, not-that-kind-of-hot kindly clears up the bum fluff issue raised in Empire magazine. I think we can state he is a 1 on the scale…
  2. tosquinha draws again – animal-aided diplomacy in Middle-earth. Cute
  3. What? Underwear is not funny? Of course it is. Pic posted by mhaikkun
  4. You may know the name tankhera as one of the best cosplayers Middle-earth has seen. Here she is, ready for DragonCon 
  5. Probably been up somewhere before, but these pics from the SD last…

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