Berlin Prem Bonus

more swoons that a single Sunday and contain

Guylty Pleasure

Can I lighten up your Sunday with a bit of bonus material? My beta test group aka Twitter seemed to think this was worthy of looking at, too, so here is some bonus material from the Berlin Hobbit premiere, freshly edited. Word of warning: Scraping the barrel here, because some of the images are very small crops from larger (i.e. further away) scenes where I cropped Armitage out of the surrounding scrum. However, there is a really sweet scene in there, too. Look out for a picture of Armitage receiving a rose from an admirer – note his face in that. And his reaction then speaks volumes (the one and only colour picture in the gallery below). The last two images are aforementioned crops, i.e. they are small and fuzzy. But I quite like the first three images, despite their softness. Enjoy! (Click to enlarge)

All images © Guylty Pleasure.

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One thought on “Berlin Prem Bonus

  1. AnotherRAFan says:

    Just wondering what happened to your tumblr ? I was quite addicted to it and miss it sorely

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