2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #29

Lots of great RA links 😀

Guylty Pleasure

The pleasure of the lull is enveloping me. Yes, I actually quite like it when there is a so-called drought. Mind you, there was enough action this week, what with RA’s cheeky tweet. I wonder how he is doing with his German language coaching… I certainly look forward to hearing some uvular fricative Rs from him, and possibly some velar fricative CHs. Sounds dirty? Look it up! 😀 They are, btw, the benchmark upon which it will be decided how good his coaching was. For a native English speaker, those sounds are extremely difficult to replicate – because they do not really exist in (Standard) English. I have full confidence in RA, though, because he is musical, and that will certainly help him first *hear* the sound, and then imitate it. Well, and maybe I shouldn’t expect too much. He’s not playing a German (despite the extremely German name of…

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