Hannibal 3×10 “The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun” – Review

yes to infinity

Guylty Pleasure

[SPOILERS for those of you who are watching Hannibal on UK TV]

Ok, I am done with all the extolling of Richard Armitage’s craft. It is established – he portrays Dolly magnificently, the body acting is fantastic, and American accent and terrible voice or not, the whole package is just 100 percent on. So let’s get down to the fangirl review because boy, 3×10 is something for the fangirl heart. And possibly the bits a bit lower.

Screenshot 2015-08-08 07.21.59 Dolarhyde practicing speech in the mirror, Hannibal 3×10

Possibly? No, definitely. Romantic gestures, initiation, sex, intimacy. I could leave it at this, and you would all know what I mean. This episode delivered on everything that those of us who are familiar with the book and with Armitage as a dreamboat were hoping for. The episode consisted mainly of Dolarhyde, starting off  with a really long intro. It seemed longer to me than…

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