2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #19

Guylty Pleasure

It’s full-on Richarding this weekend. I have my RL RA friend D___ over for a visit, she, with whom I braved Berlin 2013 and my first time Crucibling 2014. I set up the guest room yesterday and magnanimously left her my Thorin in a frame picture made by Riepu10 on the bedside table. I wonder which part of the Armitagean oeuvre we will watch this time around. Last time she was here, we binge-watched Strike Back. Damn, if this bloody Digital Theatre download had worked out, we could’ve relived The Crucible… Anyway, it’ll be a weekend of full-on RL Richarding.

But now. The Round-up. Tumblr was dominated by the Saturn Awards, still. Which in consequence seems to have made the amount of “new” material smaller. Hm. Go figure, yourself.

Hannibal round up 19

  1. myrichardtreehouse treats us to an important study of forearms – and there are more to come. Subscribe!
  2. Eh, no. I…

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