RA Pocket Shrine 82/? – KRAP

Guylty Pleasure

Beat the Frown, Frau – RAPS Inc. Introduces KRAP
Predisposed to snarking? Permanently growling? Lines spoiling your smile? Help may be at hand!
RAPS Inc. introduces KRAP – the ingenious and innovative mobile drooling solution for grumps and grouches.

Cloud Cuckooland, July 2, 2015. Raps Inc. rocks the market for mobile droolage facilitators again. With a new, mobile drooling solution, the globally operating shrine start-up is expanding its collection of pocket shrines and is testing a revolutionary, new approach to mood-boosting. Instead of the tried and tested inclusion of  smiles and smoulders, with KRAP you will beat the frown – with a frown.


Discreet and Dangling

KRAP stands for Key-Ring RA Pocket(shrine) – and it does exactly what it says on the tin: The neat, discreet tin is fixed on a key ring, ready to dangle from your bunch of keys and thus ever-handy in your handbag or pocket, or…

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