2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #21

Guylty Pleasure

Due to unforeseen circumstances the Weekly Round-up is more than a day late this week. Ooops. I’ll get into that in a separate post because I have some pics I want to share with you, but suffice to say the Round-up had to be pushed back. However, I continued to collect links as I went along the week, working from London, so nothing was lost…

Anyway, not unexpectedly, this week’s Round-up is dominated by all things SDCC and Hannibal. With Armitage’s appearance at Comic Con, tumblr was buried under an avalanche of original pictures and fan art, caps and gifs from San Diego. Good times! Those of you who are following my tumblr may have already seen a lot of the links that I am posting today because instead of my usual practice of saving links in a WP post, I simply “recorded” the note-worthy stuff by reblogging them on…

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Chopped …

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Apparently we aren’t the only ones who are enjoying the promo (?) pic released a couple of days ago. Ms. Friel posted the above on Instagram and then Fraser’s mom commented on the post: amandajanekellyLove this shot of you, Richard and ‘our’ little boy! #proudmama! Why does this…

RA Pocket Shrine 82/? – KRAP

Guylty Pleasure

Beat the Frown, Frau – RAPS Inc. Introduces KRAP
Predisposed to snarking? Permanently growling? Lines spoiling your smile? Help may be at hand!
RAPS Inc. introduces KRAP – the ingenious and innovative mobile drooling solution for grumps and grouches.

Cloud Cuckooland, July 2, 2015. Raps Inc. rocks the market for mobile droolage facilitators again. With a new, mobile drooling solution, the globally operating shrine start-up is expanding its collection of pocket shrines and is testing a revolutionary, new approach to mood-boosting. Instead of the tried and tested inclusion of  smiles and smoulders, with KRAP you will beat the frown – with a frown.


Discreet and Dangling

KRAP stands for Key-Ring RA Pocket(shrine) – and it does exactly what it says on the tin: The neat, discreet tin is fixed on a key ring, ready to dangle from your bunch of keys and thus ever-handy in your handbag or pocket, or…

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