Find Your Voice




An open letter to Richard Armitage  @RCArmitage and CybersmileFoundation @CybersmileHQ

So. Here I am, finding my voice. It is not something that is in my comfort zone. Being an only child and an introvert and a quiet person by nature, not sharing my inner voice with strangers is a way of life. As a librarian, I will gladly spend hours hunting down obscure points of historical reference, and will gladly shut my office door and hand over chocolate and boxes of tissues to teenage girls traumatized by Kili not getting his elf (Student: He died!” Me: “Now you are ready for George R. R. Martin), or students who have been kicked to the curb by their “families”. But speak to strangers? Whom I don’t entirely trust? About something I’ve never shared with anyone? Oh, brave new world.

Mr. Armitage, if you happen to read this, (and you probably won’t)…

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