2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #17

Guylty Pleasure

Sometimes a girl needs a break. But then I noticed this in my stats:

posting patterns 2015

Most popular day is Saturday. Hm. The day that I used to post the round-up. 3 pm as the most popular hour is explained by the US (East coast) getting up and switching on their PCs :-D. So apparently this is the most popular feature on my blog then? Hm. Aaaaaalright. I guess I better continue then, if I want my readers to find what they are looking for… Okaaaaaayyyyy. Behold the return of the weekly round-up then:

Hannibal round up 17

  1. OMGoodness, Circusgifs had me LOL at this. It’s unfortunate that she forgot John de Merville, though…
  2. Remember Sinnaminie who made a cutsie Red Dragon plushie? She’s on a roll and has made a fabulous Merv (Raymond de Merville) and Ricky Deeming
  3. Some feedback by wear-me-like-a-nickel on Hannibal so far – with some flattering words about Richard
  4. Daughter-of-terror summarizes…

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