Tuesday – Muse-Day?

Guylty Pleasure

I’ve been thinking lately. Yes, and it did not hurt, even though I am a natural blonde. No, seriously. This happened at the weekend when Armitage somewhat shocked us with his out-of-the-blue tweet that he had wrapped on Pilgrimage. Was it maybe just a typo or his “ortocurrect” and he really meant “Rapped”??? I’d like to hear that, btw, a RAp. Can some brilliant creative mind from the ranks of the Army please visualize/audialize that for me???  Because then I saw this today, from RA’s castmate on Pilgrimage, Irish actor/stuntman Tristan McConnell.

Last week on Pilgrimage, bring it!!

A post shared by Tristan McConnell (@tristan_mcconnell) on

Ok, it’s from Sunday, and maybe he took the picture last week, so no need to get the knickers in a twist. The fact of the matter still stands – I mused what kind of topics we are going to amuse

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