2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #16

Guylty Pleasure

Maybe there was less creativity on tumblr than on Twitter this week (keyword #BoldlyBecoming), or maybe tumblr was merely dominated by the gospel straight from the lord’s mouth various interviews with RA and Bryan Fuller, but I didn’t find as many links I wanted to pass on this week. Maybe I didn’t try hard enough. Maybe I am fatigued.

Let’s get to it.

Hannibal round up 16

  1. Have you recovered from the double-whammy ovary onslaught puppy love? Thorin-baconshield reminds us that it is not the first time we have thus been assaulted
  2. In case you missed it – a richardarmitagequotes that proves that RA believes in Lucas North, too
  3. Oh, I think I have missed this Richard Armitage Animal Photo Meme. Zeesmuse has put something together – LOL
  4. Haha, another someecard by goodgirlheather. While I don’t really care much for the selfies, I relate to the addiction
  5. richardarmitage-confidential is testing a new way of…

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Tuesday – Muse-Day?

Guylty Pleasure

I’ve been thinking lately. Yes, and it did not hurt, even though I am a natural blonde. No, seriously. This happened at the weekend when Armitage somewhat shocked us with his out-of-the-blue tweet that he had wrapped on Pilgrimage. Was it maybe just a typo or his “ortocurrect” and he really meant “Rapped”??? I’d like to hear that, btw, a RAp. Can some brilliant creative mind from the ranks of the Army please visualize/audialize that for me???  Because then I saw this today, from RA’s castmate on Pilgrimage, Irish actor/stuntman Tristan McConnell.

Ok, it’s from Sunday, and maybe he took the picture last week, so no need to get the knickers in a twist. The fact of the matter still stands – I mused what kind of topics we…

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2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #14

Guylty’s great round up – lots of goodies for everyone … and a huge thank you and giggle for including Algonquin Bound 😀

Guylty Pleasure

What does Mr A do on an early Saturday morning between location changes? Sleeps in? Leisurely breakfast? Catching up with Social Media? Probably not the latter. Neither do I, usually. Saturday is my sleeping-in day. I get up at 6 am every weekday, so the weekends are for lounging in bed. But not today – I actually had to get up at the usual time because the cats demanded breakfast. And since the sun was shining so nicely into the drawing-room, I decided to stay up and put the finishing touches to the Weekly Round-up. Here it comes…

round up header NZ 14

  1. Francis Dolarhyde has the potential to be cute – look at him here, the last picture in the set by talented artist ciorane. You can only make him out by the little hare’s lip
  2. This may have been around a while, but oninha’s gifset of Proctor really hit me in the proverbials

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2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #13

Guylty Pleasure

To be honest with you, I thought I would give round-up #13 a miss. Bad kind of number, you know. And then the little fact that I am busy this weekend because I have RArmy visitors over. That means I’ll be busy, and happily so – sightseeing, talking, Richarding 😉 But well, a few links popped up on my tumblr dash, and so I’ll share them with you even if I can’t promise to be quick with replies today. Let’s start off:

round up header NZ 13

  1. One of the lesser known chaRActers gets the triple-r-porn treatment: Ian MacIlwain. NSFW even though supposedly “vanilla” 😉
  2. I can now say that I am with terreisa on this one. The point remains – why the secrecy???
  3. Circusgifs has applied her considerable talents to Strike Back. There’s more than just this heart-breaking one
  4. Is there maybe a petition we can sign somewhere? richardarmitage-confidential
  5. Valid question by notallwhowanderarelost2. Answer…

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2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #12

Guylty Pleasure

Slightly later than usual this week – not at my usual 8 am scheduled publishing time, due to shrining activity. No news from set. It’s still oh, so quiet. Pity. Especially as here is the opportunity to post something else but selfies… At least Stanley Weber keeps us supplied in technicolor images of Ireland. (Wonder whether that is Rockfleet Castle, or maybe Kildavnet Castle, or even Renvyle Castle?)

Renvyle Castle View View from my window in Renvyle House Hotel, Connemara – tower house is the square-dy structure a quarter from the left. Cllick to enlarge

ETA: Whoopsie: 15 minutes later I see RA has tweeted on his Weibo account. Here’s RAnet’s summary (click to see pics – not sure why I never seem to be able to embed the pictures, too:

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, the beauty of…

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