RA Today ~ April 12

My heart was heavy when I heard that Richard didn’t win the Olivier Award for Best Actor.  Two things that take the sting out – the world knows that he IS Olivier calibre and he is such a class act – his tweet to Mark Strong is tops!

Then there is something which definitely qualifies for a personal official squee:  2000? *does the dance of confused joy*


  1. 8 gifs by barrel-rider
  2. euphanisms by nfcomics


  1. Stop or I’ll shoot by aniarafan2
  2. Leaning on the car and talking on the cell phone gifs by richards-smile
  3. Gifs and text from 8.8 by coldgreydawn
  4. Caps from the episode where the kid finds the weapon by look-back-look-back-at-me
    Part II   Part III   Part IV   Part V   Part VI  Part VII


  1. RA retweet from John Bernthal 
  2. Script by Tom Holland
  3. Scenery from filming location by Tom Holland
  4. Tom Holland practicing as stunt on gorgeous location
  5. Location  and another 


  1. Nun touching his face gifs by richiecrispie
  2. In the taxi gifs by lethal-desires


  1. Proctor’s arms by jahoe1960
  2. Proctor’s shout by richardslittle-infinity


  1. Fan art portrait by lorna-ka
  2. Dishevelled and wet on green screen gifs by dainsbeard 
  3. Heartbreak in BOFA confession
  4. In the prisons I think – by mirielofgisborne
  5. Art of Thorin & a raven by seraphimcrystal 
  6. Hilarious Thorin doing the RA Dad Dance gif by radiorcrist
  7. Cleaned up promo shot by dodoriv
  8. Richard meeting Thorin fan art by 
  9. Green screen of the BOFA charge and combat by ladygarnett
  10. More than you’ve become edits by silmarienn 


  1. The Paradise AU gif story by north-and-prejudice
  2. Cap set by queen-of-love-and-beauty
  3. Then and now by frankreich
  4. Edited episode 1 caps by fuckyeaharmitage 
  5. Edited episode 1 caps by king-under-the-mountain


  1. Sarah Dunn: eating ice cream on Sleepwalker set by balanceandimprobability
  2. Richard Cannon: kneeling down by mrpuddingston
  3. Mitchell Nguyen McCormack by richardarmitakeme


  1. N&S interview gifs by north-and-prejudice
  2. Either Verakai or a Strike Back promo – too lazy to look it up – by mrpuddingston
  3. Signing autographs by richars-smile
  4. Empire Awards 2014 by aniarafan2
  5. RA the mass murderer of thousands by circusgifs
  6. Fan tribute to Richard the Patient by heyerette
  7. if Michaelangelo  met Richard by pieohpah7 
  8. Richard & Martin in Japan by onstraysod
  9. Gifs and quote about love by himetimes


Retweeted re: Pilgrimage


Algonquin Bound has updated with Chapter 20 ~ An RA/OFC fanfic



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