RA Today ~ April 11

Totally sleepy, lazy day.  Perfection!  The only real accomplishment was cleaning up my desktop and filing a couple hundred pics/gifs. This is my new wallpaper 🙂


  1. Tied up caps by riepu10
  2. In the background – gifs by riepu10
  3. Shocked Guy by maybetomorrowgirl


  1. Sitting at a desk, looking up cap by richardarmitagemania
  2. Matching outfits with Jo by eraonadventures 


  1. BOFA poster edit by  nixxie-fic
  2. Eagles flying overhead gifs by tyrellsrosarium
  3. He will not parley gifs by thorinblue
  4. Modern AU fan art 


  1. Porter: with Collinson caps by worldofarmitage
  2. Proctor: give them no tears by microlina
  3. Paul Andrews by Jollytr
  4. John Standring by Jollytr   Part II  Part III
  5. Gary Fuller & dog by richardslittle-infinity
  6. Monet caps by aniarafan2


  1. Mitchell Nguyen McCormack: in the black shirt by richardarmitakeme
  2. Sarah Dunn late 2014 by yynnessmons
  3. Justin Canning: b&w in the blue suit by armitagedaily
  4. Sarah Dunn 2013 ladder climb by yynnessmons
  5. Converse/Chucks by susiederkinssd


  1. Cinemax group interview 2013 by richardslittle-infinity
  2. John Bell’s imitation of Richard’s dad dancing by duirins
  3. RA Characters in your coffee by kirena999 
  4. Skinny black tie pics by not-that-kind-of-hot
  5. Paris BOFA carpet snap by pollysthings
  6. Smug party goer by clematis70
  7. Olivier Awards nominee portrait fan art by thorin-baconshield
  8. AUJ NYC press conference by aniarafan2
  9. Recording Hamlet cap by mrpuddingston
  10. Classy and ???? by armitagefan



Algonquin Bound by jollytr has updated (a RA/OFC fan fic)



2 thoughts on “RA Today ~ April 11

  1. Love your new wallpaper. Thanks! I did much better on the 11th; I must have been paying attention to Tumblr that day. BTW #1 in photoshoots isn’t what it says.

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