RA Today ~ April 10

On the 11th there is a global initiative to watch and tweet about The Crucible in support of Richard’s nomination for an Olivier award.  (X)

If you’re in Ireland, Pilgrimage is looking for extras  (X)

On a completely cracked-out note, there were a couple of us laughing and being goobers, as is our wont, and I might have said something as ridiculous as “I don’t care if he’s with the Loch Ness Monster as long as he’s happy.”  There was teasing, laughing, and a dare.  Oh dear.  The dare turned into crackfic.  And we’re still giggling about it.  I think we need some serious therapy but … well … you know how it goes when goobers get together … no sane therapist would come near us 😉  Especially if they’ve already read Nessitage.


  1. The grand entrance gifs by riepu10
  2. Talking with Marian by look-back-look-back-at-me  Part II
  3. Caps from season 1 by look-back-look-back-at-me   Part II   Part III   Part IV
  4. Looking up at Tuck gifs by izkim
  5. Season 3 no hug for Guy by sigillumdiabolik
  6. Season 3 giving you the side eye by sigillumdiabolik
  7. The eyebrow by rimmerslustmonster
  8. Season 3 edit by serik27
  9. Expression gifs by r-armitage-characters-home
  10. Gifs from S03 by gisbourne
  11. Series 3 edit by richardslittle-infinity
  12. Guy’s soft spot by nfcomics


  1. Standing there, in that sweater, with arms crossed, hnnnnnggg by byeolrince
  2. Series of caps from season 8 by lastminutewaffles 


  1. Back and shoulders appreciation by francisdollarhydes
  2. Afghanistan episode screen cap by tallian
  3. Gifs by richardarmitakeme


  1. Majestic hair majestically blowing in the wind by anki-of-beleriand 
  2. Majestic DOS cap by mirielofgisborne
  3. Battle artwork by lucif56
  4. You gave us your word gifs by thorinblue
  5. AUJ majesty by onstraysod
  6. And all the gold in Erebor gif by morefelton


  1. Gary Fuller: edited screen caps by triple-r-porn
  2. Hannibal: gifs of the main actors getting dressed by francisdollarhydes
  3. Sketches by anatitius
  4. Edit by 3intheam
  5. Hannibal: painting of Dolarhyde by honeyblood-eyes 
  6. Thornton Closeup promo shot by larygo


  1. Matt Holyoak: in black coat looking at camera intensely by richardarmitakeme
  2. Chris Floyd: wet hair by pacinglee
  3. Mitchell Nguyen McCormack: collage by irishscottyuk
  4. Leslie Hassler: plaid in front of a rusty door/fence by king-under-the-mountain
  5. Mitchell Nguyen McCormack: holding his face by mrpuddingston


  1. On working with Ben Cumberbatch by the-hobbit
  2. Better use of Crazy in Love song by theplaid-wearingmoose
  3. Waterstones 2013 gifs by richie-crispie
  4. A couple of signature habits in one gif by badbalrog




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