2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #9

Guylty Pleasure

Damn, I am really inflexible when it comes to re-designs. Tumblr apparently decided to restyle and -organize itself this week, and being the last-minute type that I am, I only encountered the fuck-ups challenges that brings on the eve of the weekly round-up. *arrrrrrrrrrrrgh* I’ll do my very best here, today, but I suspect it may not be a particularly long collection of note-worthy links. Bear with me while I try and find my feet again…

round up header NZ 9

  1. Very handy: On the eve of the Olivier Awards which RA had to cancel his appearance at *grah* lgprca rounds up the most imporatant reviews for Richard as John Proctor in The Crucible. My fingers are still crossed for you, Rich, and the reviews have reminded me why I am right in doing so
  2. And from Richard’s latest (and greatest) work right back to the beginning: Clematis70 has put evidence of RA in Cleopatra

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