RA Today ~ April 8

William Shatner!   Seriously!  Richard tweeted that he needed a Star Trek transporter and William Shatner has responded!  And has tweeted @ Richard a couple of times 🙂  My day is made!


  1. closeup edits by bloodbuzz-smartypants
  2. full length series 3 Guy by missnu93
  3. collage by serik27
  4. series 3 intense, wet Guy by richardrmitage 
  5. b&w series 1 ‘what tatoo’ gifs by sherwoodsy
  6. judging you blinking gif by the-way-im-feeling
  7. just about to do a bad thing at the end of S02 by missnu93
  8. tied to the tree gifs by dondarrion
  9. pulling the sword in S03 by bloodbuzz-smartypants
  10. if you lie you die gifs by bloodbuzz-smartypants
  11. Series 3 gifs by mabelalexa
  12. Topless and wants to kiss Marian by lotsofchocolateicecream
  13. BTS interview gifs -be bad – by oakenshieldes
  14. Season 1, 2, 3 caps by somanyguys
  15. Good with his hands comic by nfcomics


  1. caps from S07 by murmil
  2. series 7 gifs by mabelalexa


  1. Zimbabwe episode collage by serik27
  2. Promo vid clips by yerkillingmesmalls (don’t open if strobing is a problem)


  1. As modern AU Thorin by yerkillingmesmalls
  2. You’ll speak nothing of Elizabeth scene with Abi gifs by circusgifs


  1. Follow me one last time edit by recoveringandpositive 
  2. BOFA end credits drawing edited by 3intheam


  1. Photo story by heathfeath26
  2. Gifs by lindefishway


  1. crossing his arms during photoshoots by jahoe1960
  2. Jude Edginton holding coat closed by tallian
  3. Sarah Dunn of cast 2014 by satanslifecoach
  4. Robert Ascroft sitting in jeans & tshirt by owleyes169


  1. Richard with Kermit by richardslittle-infinity
  2. On the AUJ promo tour with Kathy & Hoda by richardslittle-infinity
  3. Collection of photos by clematis70
  4. The newsboy cap by lepersgisbornelepers
  5. DOS LA photocall gifs by richards-smile
  6. Recording Hamlet gifs by francisdollarhydes
  7. Reasons to be happy by sparkitors
  8. BOFA Paris premiere pic by hobbitandme
  9. Baftas presenting award by 5disilk
  10. DOS promo tour interview pics by richardarmitakeme
  11. AUJ Wellington red carpet pic by missnu93


Tweet from Jon Bernthal about leaving for Ireland 


Another Unexpected Journey – Mairead’s Story by shieldmaidenofscotland has updated

The Queen of Ered Mithrin by goodgirlheather has updated ~ a Thorin/OFC fic



3 thoughts on “RA Today ~ April 8

  1. Hariclea says:

    Ahhh show me the goodies!!!! I really needs them so big thanks always for the treasure trove!

    • jollytr says:

      I’m getting there – am helping someone with a blog and wrote a drabble for another person and am trying to figure out streaming sites and … oy … multi tasking is not my strong suit, lol. I promise I will get it up though (bwahahaha that should be a line in the story).

  2. I disagree. I think multi tasking IS your strong suit. You amaze me 😀

    Thanks for all the links!

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