RA Today ~ April 7

So the weirdest, freakiest thing happened today.  I am writing a fan fic about Richard taking on the role of a turn of the twentieth century iconic Canadian painter.  The artist was part of a group responsible for influencing art in Canada and died under very mysterious circumstances.  His is a great story and something I could see Richard doing a fantastic job with (he’s already portrayed a painter, but this one’s a very different kettle of fish).  So cut to this afternoon.  I was looking for the source of a nice edit of a Richard photo and used the ever-handy ‘search Google for this image’.  This is what turned up:

I put the red type in there but adlkjasd;lfkjads;flkj   The first ‘visually similar image’ after Richard’s was TOM THOMSON the Canadian artist who is the role Richard is playing in my story!!!!   Seriously!   Isn’t that weird???  It’s completely twisting my brain into pretzels!

Last year I wrote a story about him filming in Toronto and here he is.  This year I’m writing a story about him playing Tom Thomson and Google images has matched them up.  I’m thinking it’s time to write a drabble about meeting him and becoming lifelong buddies … or something to that effect 😀


  1. Season 3 black and white gifs by lararaith4
  2. Season 3 detained by guards cap by lotsofchocolateicecream
  3. That funny thing he does with his mouth that’s not quite a smirk – by ludokt


  1. smiling in S07E01 gif by circusgifs
  2. with Arkady on top of the roof gifs by tall-for-a-dwarf
  3. close up gifs of S07E02 by tall-for-a-dwarf
  4. S07E3 walking by the green grated fence gifs by tall-for-a-dwarf
  5. S07E03 on the grid gifs by tall-for-a-dwarf
  6. Aiming a gun from behind a car caps by richard-armitage-palace
  7. Our first meeting of Lucas – gif by circusgifs
  8. Promo shot and a bts in Russia by hearnobody
  9. Profile caps by richiecrispie
  10. Promo shots/caps from series 9 by murmil
  11. Promo shots/caps from series 7 by murmil


  1. Being questioned in uniform gifs by studentbowl
  2. In the back of a taxi gifs by thefrencharmitagearmy
  3. Angry at the hearing gifs by richardarmitakeme


  1. Are the boys asleep? Washing caps by larygo
  2. In Conversation With – caps by riepu10
  3. Collage of Act IV by serik27
  4. In Conversation With – caps by richardarmitagefrance
  5. Promo interview gifs by wolverine
  6. Rehearsals by dicapriova


  1. Last day on set – presentation of gifts gifs by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  2. tour of the great forges of Erebor gifs by threanduil
  3. Returning to Erebor once Smaug died gifs by serik27
  4. Behind the scenes Thorin behind a bush by lauraoakenshield
  5. Gold beyond measure caps by biondetta-diable-amoureux
  6. Hot Thorin promo shot by uzbade


  1. Mulligan gifs by ludokt  Part II
  2. Paul Andrews gif & caps by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  3. Fan art of Dolarhyde by ikhblue
  4. John & Margaret gif by ricoarmitage


  1. Robert Ascroft: b&w of the blue suit walking by yynneessmons
  2. Matt Holyoak: pulling the heavy black coat down the shoulders by howlingsoldr
  3. Perou: in the trench coat by alenanok.
  4. Justin Canning: sitting in blue suit by spooksgirlclaws
  5. Blair Getz Mezibov gif in a still by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  6. Ben Rayner: the Louis Vuitton sweater jacket by yynneessmons 


  1. Popcorn Taxi event caps by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  2. 2011 Hobbit press conference panel by oonstraysod
  3. Movie premiere of Good For Nothing with Evangeline Lily cap by richardarmitakeme
  4. Getting off the plane in NZ in November 2012 by tallian
  5. Talking about Gary Fuller’s motivations by jollytr (don’t remember doing this but am laughing)
  6. DOS promo hilarious gifs about beardy man children by armitagedaily
  7. Martin on working with Richard caps by the-hobbit
  8. Pinter Proust gifs by armitagedaily
  9. DOS promo art by antatious
  10. At the Principales 40 event for DOS Madrid by mrpuddingston
  11. A then and now comparison by the-hobbit
  12. At the 2014 Empire Awards by armitagefan
  13. Into the Storm promo at Cinemacon by berkshire-blues
  14. Don’t know what to call this –  it creeped me out and made me laugh




Polyarnaya Zedvezda by paigearmitagehiddleston ~ updated ~ a Lucas North/OFC fan fic



10 thoughts on “RA Today ~ April 7

  1. Guylty says:

    LOL – coincidence? kismet? You do realize that it has also got to do with google’s personalized search algorithms, right? 😉 So no coincidence at all – Google merely knows your mind (and your deepest desires).As for the artist Thomson – really interesting indeed. I read up on him just now and my interest is piqued. And I can’t wait to read your fic!!!

    • jollytr says:

      Yeah … Google’s twisted it’s gnarly little tentacles into my search history … it’s just … spooky 🙂 The story is Algonquin Bound and is the first one that pops up under my Jollytr user name 🙂

  2. zeesmuse says:

    Does it make me a hypocrite that I want Richard to win sooooo bad but I’ve not seen The Crucible and probably never will, unless someone beside Shitgital Theater does it???

    • jollytr says:

      Of course it doesn’t make you a hypocrite. You wish him well in a role that means the world to him even if it’s not a production that thrills you. No biggie. AND it doesn’t make you a hypocrite if you decide you will watch it either!

      • zeesmuse says:

        Oh I would LOVE to see the production, but I’ve been pretty vocal about how I felt Digital handled that, so I won’t rant any more.

  3. Hariclea says:

    Well that sounds very intriguing will def start reading over this small break 🙂 and while this coincide continues don’t restrain yourself from a romantuc story should you feel like it :-D:-D:-D

  4. Loving Algonquin Bound! Thanks for all the links 😀

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