RA Today ~ April 6

Happy Monday!


  1. Season 3 edit by serik27
  2. Season 3 on horseback by serik27
  3. Will pick you up at 8 by nfcomics
  4. Season 3 looking at someone gif by imnotagingerjew
  5. Looking concerned gif by psicomana
  6. Reflection gif by berkshire-blues


  1. Fan crisis over “I never lied” gif by spooksgirlclaws
  2. A tushy gif by mythra posted by heyerette
  3. Caps of Lucas & Harry on the Grid talking about Pilgrim by look-back-look-back-at-me
  4. Series 7 caps by look-back-look-back-at-me   Part II  Part III   Part IV
  5. S07E04 gifs by tall-for-a-dwarf


  1. Standing in the desert with a gun and a smile by richardslittle-insanity
  2. Getting caught to be thrown in prison Zimbabwe gifs by francisdollarhydes
  3. Gifs from promo vid by francisdollarhydes


  1. Collection of facial closeups from BOFA by lulugoethe
  2. Azanulbizar of Thror being slain – gifs by riepu10
  3. Take back Erebor inspired pastiche by qkmab
  4. Paddling away from Mirwood by hero-of-bedtime
  5. Funny smiling cap by awwwyeeees


  1. Mitchell Nguyen McCormack pics by jassy2101
  2. Leslie Hassler by jentermcfoot for 31 Day Challenge
  3. Leslie Hassler by redsirion and my head canon for Algonquin Bound – always reblog LH plaid
  4. Justin Canning orange backgrounds by richardarmitakeme
  5. Robert Ascroft suit against blue steel wall by chibihobbit
  6. Justin Canning orange background but in B&W by ludokt
  7. Sarah Dunn fall 2013 by dicapriova 


  1. Reclining, twirling glasses tweeted pic from Sleepwalker by jassy2101
  2. BBC America interview gifs by ludokt   Part II   Part III
  3. ITS premiere by yellowcakester
  4. Rude sitting at the Cinemax DOS event
  5. On the panel at Comicon 2012 by tallian
  6. DOS Berlin balcony pic by tallian
  7. Quote and pic with Sophia Myles by clematis70
  8. Audio clip of Richard laughing by elfybelfry
  9. Leaving tv interview by mzperx0506universe
  10. A selfie with song lyrics by armitagefan
  11. AUJ London by mrpuddingston
  12. DOS Berlin by mrpuddingston
  13. Thornton artwork by spanmade



Another Unexpected Journey by shieldmaidenofscotland updated ~ Richard has a surprise for Maggie

The Taming by arianafandoms updated ~ Sir Guy/OFC fic



4 thoughts on “RA Today ~ April 6

  1. suzy says:

    I love “pick you up at 8” with Guy! ❤

  2. Thanks! I must have been paying attention on Monday 😀

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