RA Today ~ April 4

Lovely spring day with the family.   Having fun going through old Paul Andrews caps.  Will make a few posts in the next couple of days.


  1. Gorgeous edit by serik27
  2. Profile by aniarafan2
  3. Artwork by meduzza13
  4. Edit looks like an oil painting by mysoli
  5. Hehehe naughty comic by nfcomics


  1. Coming towards you gifs by richiecrispie
  2. Series 9 gifs by armitagesangel


  1. Rubbing his face gif by serik27
  2. Edited caps by mabelalexa
  3. Edits by windowsatsunset
  4. Gifs & caps by janarmitaged
  5. On the cell phone gif by serik27


  1. Go before I kill you gifs by topbilbo
  2. Insulting Smaug by plumbyplumb
  3. facial closeup gifs by morefelton


  1. Thorin & Guy edits by serik27
  2. Thornton edit and treacley notes by jollytr
  3. Ricky Deeming gifs by hiddlespeare
  4. Proctor gifs (final scene) by oninha
  5. Paul Andrews expressions collage by jollytr


  1. Leslie Hassler: posted by britscatsandromance (head canon for latest chapter of Algonquin Bound)
  2. Sarah Dunn by richardslittle-infinity


  1. Happy Easter by rcarmitage-poland
  2. DOS interviews caps by astharoshebarvon   Part II
  3. Baftas by ashtharoshebarvon
  4. The Crucible interview cap by riepu10
  5. Quote: Richard Armitage dances like a dad
  6. Gifs of The Lorraine Show, 2013 by carolinepatricia
  7. Handsome red carpet and interview caps and gifs richards-smile
  8. Richard joking at the Apple event 2014 by eelvenking
  9. AUJ promo tour pic by sketchlavie
  10. AUJ Toronto pic by likeadancingdream
  11. Strike Back premiere pic by mrpuddingston
  12. Lee Preston & the speedos gifs by princevarric


Raising Nemo by zeesmuse has been updated ~ a Gary Fuller/OFC fan fic




One thought on “RA Today ~ April 4

  1. Some really good ones! Thanks 😀

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