RA Today ~ April 3

Happy Passover & Easter.  I hope this finds you well and happy!  The wretched bunny ears Richards are all my horrible doings.


  1. Full size Guy in the black poet shirt by riepu10
  2. With his bow, in the Holy Land by missnu93
  3. Caps to make you swoon by look-back-look-back-at-me   Part II
  4. By the fire screen caps by jollytr
  5. What the silence really means by guys-texts-from-last-night
  6. Running from the explosion gifs by renaissancecat
  7. Shirtless gifs by janarmitaged
  8. edited promo shot by jollytr
  9. With Marian and quote from Lucy on working with Richard by mzperx0506universe
  10. Unhappy around the campfire caps by jollytr
  11. topless heavy breathing gif by didsomeonesayguyofgisborne
  12. Naughty Guy comic by nfcomics


  1. His profile by jollytr
  2. With Ros by bershire-blues
  3. Edit by armiteggio
  4. B&W edit by mr-smims


  1. Steering intently by richardarmitakeme
  2. Saluting Porter by psicomana


  1. At the forge artwork by malvochia
  2. Lovely gif by lethal-desires
  3. Thorin on a pony by thorin-divine-forever
  4. Eyes by wintersoldr

Assorted Characters

  1. Proctor caps by pollysthings
  2. Darryl: 3 caps from Staged by ludokt
  3. Thornton thin caps by heathfeath26   Part II


  1. Robert Ascroft by armiteggio
  2. Leslie Hassler by Britscatsandromance
  3. Blair Getz Mezibov by astharoshebarvon
  4. Robert Ascroft by mrpuddingston

Misc. Pics, Gifs & Art

  1. Beards!  by applefia2036
  2. Outside the BBC in 200? by britgirls-and-boys
  3. Happy Easter by jassy2101
  4. Production company looking for extras for Pilgrimage
  5. Baftas pic by geekgirlandtheorderofthefandoms
  6. Fancasting for Kingsman sequel by wrongweasly
  7. 70 reasons to love Richard Armitage by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  8. BOFA LA premiere red carpet photocall by tallian
  9. With Todd Snyder a couple of years ago 
  10. Armitage days of the week
  11. LAMDA pic  – The Normal Heart?
  12. Interview caps by astharoshevarvon
  13. AUJ NYC by mrpuddingston

Tweets, etc.

Fan fiction

Algonquin Bound has been updated ~ RA/OFC fan fic by Jollytr


by Guylty (doesn’t matter how many times it’s reblogged – it’s true. Every. Single. Time.


6 thoughts on “RA Today ~ April 3

  1. suzy says:

    Wonderful ‘easter’ pics – lol !!!

  2. Hariclea says:

    The Easter pics are lovely!!! Happy Easter to you too, hope you have a peaceful and relaxed time with family and thanks for the many treats in which i am about to indulge :-)) x

  3. How did I get this far behind again?! Love all the links and the bunny ears 😀

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