RA Toay ~ April 2

tumblr_nm7hocgFRN1u229lco1_540     Lovely morning with The Olivier Awards Twitter Q&A (the link for all the tweets is at the bottom).  Then real life happened and I’ve been away all day.  Good news, Thing 2 does not have a problem with his heart – he has growing pains in his chest where the cartilage is not growing as fast as his breast-bone/ribs. Pretty scared there for a while.  Healthy kid AND new Richard selfie?  All in all, a very, very good day 🙂



  1. nice b&w gifs and caps by janarmitaged
  2. season 3 caps and 1 gif by serecenhawke
  3. great caps by look-back-look-back-at-me


  1. With a bow in Mirkwood by richardslittle-infinity
  2. BTS reviewing the script by qunnsharleys
  3. Thorin & a raven art by seraphimcrystal 
  4. Cast photo by mykingkili
  5. If he’d found The Ring by saraginotou 


  1. checking to see if Margaret is okay gifs by darcythornton 
  2. close up of his face gifs by fringeofmadness
  3. gifs by francisdollarhydes

Assorted Roles

  1. Paul Andrews reclining on the couch by ludokt
  2. Dolarhyde: sketchlavie’s take on his latest Hannibal tweet
  3. Gary Fuller promo shot by ludokt
  4. Proctor: Bending Abi over the table gif by circusgifs
  5. Lucas Promo shots by ludokt
  6. Lucas: walking shot by mrpuddingston
  7. Lucas: in the morning gifs by richards-smile


  1. Robert Ascroft:  by armiteggio
  2. Sarah Dunn 20002 by murmil


  1. Selfie from Olivier Q&A by richardslittle-infinity
  2. AUJ NYC by talian
  3. BOFA China by richards-smile
  4. Rich & Luke BOFA tour /astharoshebarvon
  5. Crucible promo pic with Yael by ludokt
  6. Richard’s selfies by richardarmitakeme
  7. Off to the movies with Evie by mzperx0506universe 

Fan Fiction

Aside From Heaven by zeesmuse updated ~ A Sir Guy/OFC fan fic ~ companion to Manna From Heaven



Olivier Awards Q&A compiled in one image by chocow8s 


One thought on “RA Toay ~ April 2

  1. Thanks! Nice collection.

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