RA Today ~ April 1st

Look up the word gullible – MY picture is there 🙂   A couple of posts got me and they were GOOD.  All in great fun too 🙂  I particularly liked the one about the fan who was approved to do a bts documentary during the filming of Pilgrimage.  🙂  Happy April 2nd – safety and sanity restored.


  1. i don’t know what to call this but funny by melkor88
  2. gifs from S03E01 by aprildragon
  3. Guy’s silly will by nfcomics
  4. Guy have a girlfriend?  by guys-texts-from-last-night
  5. There will be problems if there’s no HBO by guy-texts-from-last-night
  6. Guy’s and the porn by nfcomics (this might be my favourite one yet)


  1. series 9 North by psicomana
  2. gifs of episode 7×3 by idlesuperstar


  1. Afghanistan gifs by francisdollarhydes
  2. Porter and Jerry laughs by stacksandrangeswordpress
  3. Promo shots by menculture-vulture


  1. Fan art by pratliff74
  2. A little humourous moment gif by oninha
  3. towelling off and getting dressed gifs by thorinium


  1. With his Thorin Lego by richardslittle-infinity
  2. Hehehe Thorin in a flower crown and glasses by morefelton
  3. Great reaction in AUJ gifs by cienie-isengardu
  4. He’s just too hot by bilbowrites 
  5. walking with determination gifs by serik27
  6. teary eyed by oakenshieldbaggins 
  7. elf cooties on the sword gifs by applefia2036
  8. He has manners! by thearkenstoneandtheacorn
  9. Painting of Thorin by madeofgirders 
  10. At boot camp by berkshire-blues
  11. Great smile by aniarafan2
  12. Bree gifs by camasarye


  1. Pic and quote by talian
  2. Stock pics by bigtally95 
  3. gifs by evungelinelilly
  4. profile by leopharry


  1. Pilgrimage: comparison of two tweeted pics assumed for Pilgrimage by armtiagefan
  2. Harry:  Oh hello gifs by gaporter
  3. Mulligan: final scene screen caps by windowsatsunset


  1. Judge Eginton by mzperx0506universe 
  2. Richard Cannon by britscatsromance
  3. Mitchell Nguyen McCormack collection by theonewiththevows 


  1. Rubbing his face gifs by applefia2036
  2. DOS Berlin by howlingsoldr
  3. heavily edited by armiteggio
  4. discussion about his natural hair colour anon to jollytr
  5. BOFA China caps by becky-thatcher   Part II   Part III
  6. does R sleep naked anon to jollytr



Goodgirlheather has updated The Queen ~ a Thorin/OFC fan fic


The 31 Day Challenge is well underway and today’s question was “Why do you find Richard Attractive”.  Click here to see a wonderful response.


8 thoughts on “RA Today ~ April 1st

  1. Guylty says:

    Oh fuck me, I fell for that fan documentary thing… totally. *duh* That was such a great story, though. Wishful thinking, eh?

  2. I fell for it completely. I only know it was an AF’s because you told me 🙂

    Thanks again for catching me up!

    • jollytr says:

      Hehehe – it was a really good one! Perfect blend of “it could be true” and “nahhh”. No maliciousness or negativity – just pure wishful thinking silliness. Loved it. And the drawing was the crowning glory. I want to send her flowers & champagne 😀

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