2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #10

Guylty Pleasure

It’s oh-so-quiet… (remember Björk’s song of the same name?). I was surprised. Was it because RA had to cancel his appearance at the Olivier Awards? Anyway, last few days on Hannibal this week – and soon on to other Atlantik shores. Armitage’s cast mates Stanley Weber and Tom Holland have been instagramming a few impressions from the general area where they are filming Pilgrimage. Can’t wait to see what Mr A will tweet from there. The scenery is certainly there ( – *and* he is beautiful, for a change.) But here is what I found on tumblr this week.

round up header NZ 10

  1. Already two weeks ago, but riepu10 attended Hobbitcon and took some brilliant pictures of the Hobbit guys. They were in different posts, so I am linking to the tag
  2. Here’s a Day 7 of the RA31DC. I particularly liked this because of the little true story at the end
  3. Ooooh…

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RA Today ~ April 12

My heart was heavy when I heard that Richard didn’t win the Olivier Award for Best Actor.  Two things that take the sting out – the world knows that he IS Olivier calibre and he is such a class act – his tweet to Mark Strong is tops!

Then there is something which definitely qualifies for a personal official squee:  2000? *does the dance of confused joy*

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2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #9

Guylty Pleasure

Damn, I am really inflexible when it comes to re-designs. Tumblr apparently decided to restyle and -organize itself this week, and being the last-minute type that I am, I only encountered the fuck-ups challenges that brings on the eve of the weekly round-up. *arrrrrrrrrrrrgh* I’ll do my very best here, today, but I suspect it may not be a particularly long collection of note-worthy links. Bear with me while I try and find my feet again…

round up header NZ 9

  1. Very handy: On the eve of the Olivier Awards which RA had to cancel his appearance at *grah* lgprca rounds up the most imporatant reviews for Richard as John Proctor in The Crucible. My fingers are still crossed for you, Rich, and the reviews have reminded me why I am right in doing so
  2. And from Richard’s latest (and greatest) work right back to the beginning: Clematis70 has put evidence of RA in Cleopatra

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RA Today ~ April 10

On the 11th there is a global initiative to watch and tweet about The Crucible in support of Richard’s nomination for an Olivier award.  (X)

If you’re in Ireland, Pilgrimage is looking for extras  (X)

On a completely cracked-out note, there were a couple of us laughing and being goobers, as is our wont, and I might have said something as ridiculous as “I don’t care if he’s with the Loch Ness Monster as long as he’s happy.”  There was teasing, laughing, and a dare.  Oh dear.  The dare turned into crackfic.  And we’re still giggling about it.  I think we need some serious therapy but … well … you know how it goes when goobers get together … no sane therapist would come near us 😉  Especially if they’ve already read Nessitage.

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RA Today ~ April 9

I was talking to a moderator of a submissions based blog which was becoming a battleground, ripped apart by two schools of fandom opinion.  I suggested that she create a side blog so that there was a happy place for each of the ‘teams’.   I thought it was a win-win situation – everyone got to have their submissions published without worry of someone taking umbrage with them.  Unfortunately, the mod has been under attack since then … and it appears to be because she publicly thanked me for the idea.

You see,  my stalker is back, harassing people who DARE to communicate with or reblog from me.  They’re following the usual tactic, spouting lies and making sure they shout so loud that nothing else can be heard over their din.  Part of me wants to laugh at the ridiculousness of their lies because everyone who follows me know they aren’t true.   However, they are going after my followers or anyone who dares admit they know me and that’s not okay – it’s not something I laugh off.  But, ANY attention to such trolls only gives them the sustenance they crave, so I won’t give them the pleasure of a very pithy response.   Well … on Tumblr where they’re looking for it.

Why is it that a few bad apples try to spoil the whole barrel of fun?

On a much cheerier note, some fans discovered the Hannibal film crew outdoors in Hamilton, Ontario and spent some time outside the set.  Afterwards, Rutina Wesley (Richard’s co-star) went outside to meet the fans and take a photo with them.  They were able to see Richard and Rutina acting for a bit of the time too! (X)   (X)

I need to open the window and take in some fresh air – and I think this pic is just the window I need:


  1. Season 3 Guy by the fire cap by psicomana
  2. Season 3 b&w screen caps by bloodbuzz-smartypants
  3. Season 3 edit by serik27
  4. Standing, looking up at Vasiey cap by missnu93
  5. At his wedding, before the priest by missnu93
  6. S02E01 gifs by imreadinggirl   Part II   Part III   Part IV   Part V   Part VI    Part VII   Part VIII    Part IX   Part X  Part XI  Part XII  Part XIII   Part IVXX   Part VXX


  1. Promo shot with helicopter in background by groovyger


  1. Thorin & Dwalin having a snack at Beorn’s gifs by thorinds
  2. Multi edit by thilbo
  3. Promo shot with axe and sword by richardarmitakeme
  4. Thorin & map overlay by choreolanus
  5. Pencil drawing by bethannng


  1. Gifs by fringeofmadness
  2. Thornton & Higgins gifs by circusgifs
  3. Final train scene gifs by imreadinggirl
  4. Pen & ink drawing of JT by aliciavogel


  1. A little Sleepwalker reminder by armitages-sleepwalker
  2. Percy Courtenay smoking gifs by theheirsofdurin
  3. Epiphanes by clematis70
  4. Harry Kennedy: a little kiss at the door gif by thelurkingdead
  5. Strike Back:  Project Dawn (French) lol by spooksgirlclaws
  6. Alec Track: a smile by spooksgirlclaws


  1. Blair Getz Mezibov video
  2. Sarah Dunn 2014 posted by richardslittle-infinity
  3. Richard Bush by jonathan-rhys-meyers-love 
  4. Richard Bush by silkeluv
  5. Blair Getz Mezibov gifs by francisdollarhydes
  6. Perou closeup by aniarafan2
  7. Matt Holyoak: standing by window by mariliaafelix
  8. Anders Overgaard by mzperx0506universe


  1. Dwarf boot camp Jed & Richard wrassling by thorin-baconshield
  2. Martin & Richard listening to each other talk gifs by heelsheamus
  3. Worst day on Dos by chase-taurohtar
  4. Favourite tv shows – 2010
  5. Leaving an interview in 2012 by anacondavisearchive
  6. The Stage’s predictions on the Oliviers by myrichardtreeshouse
  7. crossing his arms by jahoe1960
  8. misc interview and red carpet gifs by durinbuttsex
  9. misc character and RA gifs by mirkwoodcaptauriel
  10. doesn’t look much diff than his character by likeadancingdream
  11. Empire awards 2014 by jassy2101
  12. Summary of Richard’s Crucible reviews by lgprca
  13. ComicCon Brasil selfie by mrpuddingston
  14. DOS promos cap by jassy2101