RA Today ~ March 30

VERY excited!  Richard is going to be doing a Twitter Q&A for The Olivier Awards on April 2nd!  YES!!!!  Can’t wait to hear his thoughts now that he’s been able to put some time and space between him and Proctor.  He always has interesting insights and his sense of humour is wonderful 🙂  Happy Camper, right here!



  1. Vaisey smells ice cream by armitagedmiddle-earth
  2. Blinky Guy by  
  3. On horseback with a noose by richardslittle-infinity
  4. tired of eye sex by nfcomics


  1. Cool edit by richardslittle-infinity
  2. coffee and that gorgeous coat by ludokt
  3. trying to sleep in series 7 by lulugoethe


  1. On Dani’s table gifs by princevarric
  2. behind the scenes by richardarmitage-poland


  1. Naughty gif by oninha
  2. Ann Boudreau’s Crucible poster posted by melouworld
  3. Sitting at the table by richardslittle-infinity
  4. Bathing by richardslittle-infinity


  1. Cool loyalty, honour, willing heart edit by missnu1988
  2. Pensive DOS Thorin by mirielofgisborne
  3. In Bree by riepu10
  4. BOFA caps by thorin-divine-forever 
  5. At the gate caps by thorin-divine-forever
  6. Thorin & Azog – funny – by winter-soldr 
  7. Thoughtful by richardslittle-infinity


  1. Hat gifs by john-and-margaret-thornton
  2. Caps by heathfeath26
  3. The train station gifs by lotsofchocolateicecream
  4. Thornton felt dolls by halapipita

Asst. Characters

  1. An Armitaged Facebook cover by armitagedmiddle-earth 
  2. Blinky Standring by r-armitage-dum-spiro-spero
  3. A gif cv by francisdollarhydes
  4. a nice selection of characters by lady-clyo
  5. cv of sorts by thelurkingdead
  6. another cv by armitagedmiddle-earth
  7. Mulligan by lady-clyo


  1. art of RA by soraofskye
  2. gorgeous BOFA China caps by herklee
  3. romantic imagine by imaginerarmitage
  4. being naughty at the AUJ Cinemax 60 Seconds by clematis70
  5. walking down the street after interview 2014 by richardslittle-infinity
  6. a text post on R’s acting by francisdollarhydes
  7. quotes and photoshoot edits by loriendesse
  8. tweeted pic by richardslittle-infinity
  9. CAFA red carpet pic edited by talian
  10. Empire Awards 2014 by jassy2101
  11. laughing gifs at the AUJ Cinemax 60 Seconds by look-back-look-back-at-me
  12. BOFA London by richardslittle-infinity
  13. Anglophile 2014 awards laughing gifs by richiecrispie
  14. Tweet of his sox by richardslittle-infinity
  15. in suits by doisuki 
  16. Answering machine message gifs by thorinsdead 


  1. Robert Ascroft in b&w by richards-smile
  2. Dan Burn Forti by missnu93
  3. Keith Clouston by richardslittle-infinity
  4. DaMan by richardslittle-infinity
  5. Sarah Dunn by richardslittle-infinity
  6. Victoria Will by mrpuddingston
  7. Blair Getz Mezibov leather couch by mrpuddingston
  8. Leslie Hassler by richardslittle-infinity
  9. Ben Raynor by jollytr
  10. Paula Parrish photoshoot by richardslittle-infinity

31 Day Challenge

It is so exciting to see that there were over twenty posts today.  Because of it, I’m not going to list them here but if you go to the Tumblr tag:    RA 31 Day Challenge     you will be able to see them all.






One thought on “RA Today ~ March 30

  1. Thanks! Another nice collection. I’m starting to catch up 😀

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