RA Today ~ March 29

RichardArmitageQuotes has launched a re-boot of the 31 day challenge.  It will be fun to see the photo/gif posts of fans as they share their descent into madness RA Well Wisher experiences.  I will link the posts which have pretty pictures but won’t link the text only posts.  Not because I’m discriminating, but because I’m discriminating.  Seriously, I mean no offense by excluding anyone but I rarely link text posts unless they are news or quite unique.  If anyone would prefer to have links to all of the 31 Day Challenge posts, just let me know.


  1. taking off the leather glove with teeth gifs by oooakenshieldd
  2. shouting in a bedroom Guy by melouworld
  3. Guy wants cookies by nfcomics


  1. Putting on black t shirt gif by murmil
  2. At Liverpool station with Hermione and fans by clematis70
  3. Fanvid by gizthegunslinger
  4. gifs by mabelalexa  Part II
  5. opening and closing door gifs by riepu10 -mandatory reblo cuz … wow


  1. Wet promo gif by melouworld 
  2. Wry smiles gifs by francisdollarhydes


  1. Act II caps by Jollytr
  2. And the chair gifs by circusgifs


  1. Painting by Minty Oakenshield
  2. Painting of modern AU Thorin
  3. I am not my grandfather gifs by oakenshieldbaggins 
  4. In the throes of goldsickness gifs by thranduileto
  5. BTS gifs by oooakenshieldd
  6. Art: sketch by charliemayart
  7. caps by subtleaccordions
  8. questioning the loyalty of his company gifs by oakenshieldbaggins
  9. Advice from other members of Middle Earth by teamarkenstone
  10. In the treasure room caps by chrisdurin


  1. Best on screen kiss by north-and-prejudice
  2. Hand appreciation gifs by north-and-prejudice
  3. With Higgins by simplybentley
  4. Stock photos by bigtally95
  5. Gorgeous profile by leopharry
  6. Collage by kingsjewels

Asst. Characters

  1. Claude Monet by aniarafan2
  2. Gary in the kitchen by lulugoethe


  1. Sarah Dunn 2014 close up by missnu93
  2. Joe McGorty by melkor88
  3. Robert Ascroft – white T in front of a blue wall by mrpuddingston
  4. Matt Holyoak – long black coat walking in front of window by yynneessmons
  5. Blair Getz Mezibov – OP Thorinium


  1. What’s my name? lol by melouworld 
  2. Pilgrimage French connection in Ireland by perry322
  3. Wondercon with Nathan Kress by inthienthan2011 
  4. Wondercon by astharoshebarvon
  5. DOS promo spot screenshots by astharoshebarvon
  6. AUJ London premiere shots by jassy2101
  7. Arriving at the 2014 Empire Awards by me-edits-have-no-remorse
  8. Hobbit dvd extras interview cap by jassy2101
  9. AUJ Japan by missnu93
  10. Audio work will give you an eargasm post by gossippress
  11. Getting out at the airport for DOS Berlin by melkor88
  12. Cool collage by armitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage
  13. With  Daniele Rizzo gifs by tolkien-in-beleriand
  14. DOS era interview by richardarmitakeme
  15. Being a badass gifs by coolbreeze
  16. Hannibal gif story by francisdollarhydes
  17. You Owe Me Awe Hannibal gif story by fringeofmadness
  18. In civvies during bts Hobbit stuff by armitagefan
  19. Comicon 2012 – Richard’s back by amjeth
  20. Into the Storm radio promo by fridaydawn
  21. Drawing by uribaba (looks a little Porterish)
  22. Exhortation to listen to The Great Sperm Race

31 Day Challenge

Day 1:

Twitter, etc.

Misc. Stuff


3 thoughts on “RA Today ~ March 29

  1. […] According to jollytr, there’s been a relaunch of the Richard Armitage 31 day challenge. Wow. Brings back the memories! […]

    • jollytr says:

      Several questions will be familiar from the version that has circulated in the last couple of years but there are some new ones too. All the questions have a positive vibe making it a happy list for all fans 🙂 Looks like great fun! Check it out on RichardArmitageQuotes.Tumblr.Com

  2. I have missed some again! Thanks Jolly 😀

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