RA Today ~ March 28

Had a lovely day hanging out with Moosh (Thing 2) and the dogs.  A good Saturday!  Enjoy all the lovely photo edits and gifs from Tumblr today.  See you tomorrow!


  1. Lonliness based injuries by guys-texts-from-last-night
  2. With a bow & arrow in the Holy Land by triple-r-porn


  1. Staring at lips by armitagefan
  2. Richard in blue – screencaps by aniarfan2
  3. Closeup of him in the car S08E05 by aniarafan2
  4. Closeup S08E06 by aniarafan2
  5. Who’s James Bond gifs by ricoarmitage
  6. Collection of nice big close ups by look-back-look-back-at-me  Part II  Part III   Part IV
  7. With Elizabeta by look-back-look-back-at-me
  8. Better at the real thing or faking it by look-back-look-back-at-me


  1. Sunglasses by riepu10
  2. Screen caps from promo vid by jollytr
  3. Thoughtful profile screen cap by jollytr
  4. Tied to a chair edits by jollytr
  5. In Zimbabwe prison garb by aniarafan2
  6. Close up promo pic by jollytr
  7. Assorted gifs from Iraq episode by francisdollarhydes
  8. Close ups by jollytr
  9. Portah and Danni gif by jenny-tonic
  10. Close up by fruityadobo


  1. Rehearsal room pic by thorin-baconshield
  2. Act 1 caps by jollytr
  3. In Conversation With cap by dellaspring


  1. Bofa majestic gifs by oooakenshieldd
  2. Bofa artwork of removing crown by reducto1art 
  3. Fearful, startled, ? by the-arkenstone-ck
  4. Battle Thorin by nelyo3
  5. Thorin & Thranduil parody gifs by vision 
  6. A broken king by subtleaccordions 
  7. Bitter smithing by edennil (sorry, mandatory reblog. Every. Time.)
  8. Colourful gold halls scene by hobbitbilbo

Assorted Characters

  1. Gary Fuller/Into the Storm 8 gifs by fringeofmadness
  2. Harry with Far From Madding Crowd quote by armitagedmiddle-earth
  3. edited caps from the mill room by astharoshebarvon


  1. Richard Cannon 2005 cropped pic by murmil
  2. Matt Holyoak camel coat pics by murmil
  3. Ben Raynor grey coat pic by vintage-misery16
  4. Mitchell Nguyen McCormack with pink edit by thorinn
  5. Keith Clouston & Matt Holyoak pics by angelikma 


  1. Collage by stalking-kitty
  2. Richard & Kermit by elevenzees 
  3. DOS Madrid with Luke by astharoshebarvon
  4. AUJ Japan edit by its-babyleface-lokirich
  5. The tongue of concentration at BOFA announcement by armitagedmiddle-earth
  6. Paris perhaps?  by armiteggio
  7. Hobbit actors on tv by mytvhannibal
  8. Walking from interviews by melouworld 

Fan Fiction

Another Unexpected Journey – Richard’s Story by shieldmaidenofscotland ~ chapter 6 has been posted at RASF ~ RA/OFC fic


Note:  all photos and gifs displayed here were edited/created by me.

Feel free to stop by for a chat, just send me a note:


One thought on “RA Today ~ March 28

  1. I’m behind again! Loved it, it’s because of you I don’t miss any of these wonderful posts 😀

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