RA Today ~ March 26th

Hullo. Thank you to the brave souls who messaged me about RPF.  I really appreciate your insights and ideas – I’ve learned a lot and it was a cool experience 🙂  News on the RA front is fun from the Hannibal set where they keep saying that RA/Red Dragon is making the crew disappear, lol.  Tweets below.  The uncredited photos below are my edits from the archives.  Have a wonderful Guy Day 😀


  1. Dirty, wet season 3 guy edit by richardarmitakeme
  2. Season 2 – Holy Land Guy by larygo
  3. Just saw the hair porn in these gifs, maybe that’s just me and Season 3 Guy, gifs by natcrawlers
  4. fed up and disgusted gifs by miss-oreilly 
  5. random b&w caps by fortheloveofrichardarmitage
  6. Did someone say Guy Day?  by didsomeonesayguyofgisborne
  7. Doing plant things by guys-texts-from-last-night
  8. Full body shot with very long legs by zeesmuse
  9. zeesmuse’s snaffles


  1. What cast and crew said about RA by ruinarmitage
  2. S07E01 Lucas edit by ludokt
  3. collage by rcarmitage-poland
  4. Meeting Vaugh cap by murmil
  5. edited promo pic by armiteggio


  1. Gif from Zimbabwe by psicomana
  2. Promo pics by murmil
  3. 4 caps in uniform by richards-smile


  1. In Conversation With – by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  2. New poster from The Crucible – I will bring you home
  3. Screaming at God – we will all burn together gif by relaxedtype
  4. Do You Mock Me? gif by circusgifs
  5. In handcuff by richardcfarmitage
  6. Profile screen cap by marrasquutamo 


  1. In the grip of dragon sickness by nelyo3
  2. Thorin close up gifs by mrdurin
  3. DOS Thorin by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  4. Close up edit of promo pic by swayer-of-dale
  5. BOFA gifs by ludokt (final with Azog)
  6. Thorin audition gifs by ludokt
  7. AUJ to BOFA gifs of majesty by janarmitaged
  8. In the gold treasure hoard by subtleaccordions
  9. artwork by minty-oakenshield 
  10. fan art 
  11. Caps of gold sickness by thorin-divine-forever
  12. Gold sickness on a floor that freaks him out by princesfili


  1. And his Mum gifs by fringeofmadness
  2. Values his independance by riepu10
  3. Caps by myrichardtreehouse  Part II

Assorted Characters

Chop bts production pic posted by murmil


  1. Keith Clouston cropped pics by murmil
  2. Chris Floyd all wet by jassy2101
  3. A couple of Robert Ascrofts by murmil
  4. That b&w Ascroft profile by murmil
  5. Victoria Will collage by ludokt
  6. Robert Ascroft chocolate shirt and jeans pics by jollytr
  7. Leslie Hassler b&w by murmil (inspiration for Algonquin Bound)
  8. Leslie Hassler face claims for Algonquin Bound
  9. Sarah Dunn 2013 by murmil

Misc.Pics & Gifs

  1. Quote & Pic about/with Jed Brophy by richards-eyes
  2. With Martin at AUJ Japan by murmil
  3. DOS junket by murmil
  4. Baftas in a tux by mrpuddingston

Tweets & Social Media

Fan Fics

Raising Nemo – a Gary Fuller/Into the Storm fan fic by zeesmuse – you gotta love his new puppy



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