RA Today ~ March 25

A while ago I had a wonderful conversation with a dear friend about RPF.  There’s quite the spectrum of opinion on it and it’s interesting to hear others’ thoughts on the subject.  I’ve done a fair amount of reading on the appeal and evolution of fan fic, RPF and slash and the psychology of the whole thing is quite compelling.   I have written fictional character stories and RPF.  I read fictional character, RPF, slash, a little bit of AU, and one crossover.   I draw on my own knowledge base and personal experience, but I don’t write self insert (except once as a supporting character).  I make chocolates and ice cream but I’m not Meg; I volunteered with Hospice but I’m not Katrina; I have a lot of canoeing experience in Algonquin Park but I’m not Hannah; I was born on a farm but I’m not Eleanora; etc.  I don’t think for a moment that the character called Richard in RPF is THE Richard.  It’s an OMC with the name and physical description of that guy.  Sometimes, in fics I’ve enjoyed, the writer captures the fellow we see in interviews but even then, that’s not THE Richard – it’s an interpretation of the Public Richard Character that he plays.  Do I feel bad about writing about a real person?  No … it’s so obviously fiction with no bearing in reality and nothing I do will ever cross his path or the path of anyone close to him and if it did, they would probably groan, not from disgust or horror but from the sheer ‘Richard is Awesome-ness’ of it.  Is it Harlequin Romancey?  Absolutely – there’s a reason that company publishes those books and they are read by the millions every year.  Is there a trope?  Oh yeah – they meet,  there’s an obstacle, they resolve it, and they live happily ever after.  I put that spoiler in the tags.  The fallible Richard in the fan fic is a wonderfully normal guy, the sort of person you’d like to know.  He’s not a door mat, wimpy or innocent.  Nor is he a raging, kinky Dom.  He’s mature, a bit naughty, has good manners, great sense of humour, sometimes a bit of a temper, a little silly, intelligent, well spoken, observant, and generous.  That could describe half the men I already know.   So, this is a long winded way of saying, I write RPF and I love reading it.  I’ve included a feedback form at the end of this, I’d love for you to tell me what you think of RPF.

If you might find RPF of interest, I highly recommend shieldmaidenofscotland’s Another Unexpected Journey (linked below).  If you feel so inclined, you could check out my latest, Algonquin Bound (linked below).   Self promotion portion of the evening has come to a close.

Well, self promotion sort of finished.  But not quite. The uncredited edited photos below are mine and I’ve pulled them from jedits.tumblr.com/archive


  1. Dip shittery by nfcoms
  2. B&W edit by serik27
  3. humiliated by Vaisey touching him gifs by circusgifs
  4. He’s expressive gifs by natcrawlers
  5. Being hanged gifs by thefrencharmitagearmy
  6. Very angry season 2 Guy gifs by natcrawlers
  7. Guy kicking Robin gif by ermionedeverne
  8. Closeup gif of eyes by passacaria
  9. wet and dirty gifs by mabelalexa   Part II
  10. Guy’s text from last night by gtfln
  11. Intense with a crossbow gif by sirgizzyborne
  12. Caps by yanagoya for s 1×7 and 1×8
  13. A lovely sneering gif via frencharmitagearmy (originally by robinhoodly)


  1. the best gif story fan piece I’ve ever seen by francisdollarhydes
  2. gif story by fringeofmadness


  1. closeup cap by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  2. on the attack gifs by richiecrispie
  3. closeup by mrpuddingston
  4. Allison Graham article posted by petruchiolucasthorin


  1. Statue in RA’s tweet yesterday by microlina
  2. Article in Scannain (linked on Tumblr by clematis70)
  3. Article in Empire Australasia


  1. B&W caps and gifs by janarmitaged
  2. B&W with a gun in Zimbabwe by mattyberninger
  3. Closeup of standing beside the SUV by lotsofchocolateicecream
  4. Ann Boudreau’s Porter in a jeep posted by lauraday61
  5. Edits of publicity shots by richardarmitakeme


  1. reading at the In Conversation With event by pollysthings
  2. B&W edits of Act I screen shots by jollytr
  3. In Conversation With caps by riepu10
  4. In Conversation With smiling caps by armitagefan


  1. Lived through dragon fire pics by subtleaccordians
  2. Regarding Erebor AUJ-BOFA by thorinobsessed
  3. How quickly the madness overtakes in these 2 caps by subtleaccordians
  4. BOFA caps (hadn’t seen the last one – oof) by subtleaccordians
  5. Close up wearing the crown by subtleaccordians
  6. Bromance of Middle Earth – Dwalin & Thorin by ludokt

Assorted Characters

  1. Lee Preston – let’s talk about the speedos by stay-stay-away
  2. Ricky Deeming gif by ludokt
  3. Harry says ‘wasn’t me, I give up’ gif by Jenny-tonic


  1. AUJ promo laughs by ludokt
  2. Richard and Andy summer 2014 by ludokt
  3. Cool closeup by ludokt
  4. Puppy dog eyes by jassy2101
  5. Walk of Fame collage by jassy2101
  6. Cute use of Berlin DOS premiere pic by lauraday61
  7. Group shots from the Hobbit 2011 press conference
  8. Empire Awards pic with a city backdrop by armiteggio
  9. Dramatic eyes edits by stvrkster
  10. Assorted caps of a flawless human being by spirkachu
  11. Popcorn Taxi caps by myrichardtreehouse
  12. Into the Storm promo tour interview by myrichardtreehouse
  13. BOFA Paris edits by mrdurin


  1. Toronto AUJ pic posted by psicomana
  2. Porter era pic edited by armiteggio
  3. Justin Canning’s put him in a long grey rain coat by murmil
  4. Drew Gardner edits by myrichardtreehouse
  5. Blair Getz Mezibov guess who by myrichardtreeshouse
  6. George Pimental photoshoot from Toronto AUJ by mrpuddingston

Tweets, Weibo, other social media

Fan Fic

My favourite RPF in the history of the universe for ever and ever is this one:   Another Unexpected Journey by Shieldmaidenofscotland.   It’s divided up into two concurrent stories – his pov and hers.  Together they are brilliant.  Go check it out! Maggie is deffo one of my top 3 favourite OFC’s in the  history of the universe.  I might be gushing … maybe.

Algonquin Bound by … me.  

Working as a guide for a wilderness outfitter, Hannah was confident that the ghosts of her old life wouldn’t bother her again. Enter the production company filming the story of Tom Thompson, famous Group of Seven painter. It was up to Hannah’s outfitting company to provide canoeing and wilderness training to the actors and actresses who would bring the story of Tom’s life, and mysterious death, to the screen. With a life long dread of water, Richard Armitage was not the most obvious choice to play the drowned artist, but he was determined to conquer his fears, once and for all. Hannah and Tara take Richard and his co-star, Neve, on a ten day canoe trip to teach them how to paddle, back country camp, and to see all the places that inspired Tom Thompson. In those ten days, Richard and Hannah confront fears and ghosts, and the elements.   Follow the wilderness and urban adventures of Richard and Hannah and discover whether or not they have the survival skills necessary for finding their way to each other.


I don’t go looking far and wide for fics, but sometimes they pop up on my dash ….

The Queen chapter five by goodgirlheather


Misc stuff that I aint gonna provide attribution just cuz …

Let me know what you think about RPF


2 thoughts on “RA Today ~ March 25

  1. zeesmuse says:

    I just sent a message. Thought I was posting. Maybe a good thing I didn’t post.

    My views on Real person are pretty well known. And they’re just my opinion and every one has a right to their opinion. Right?

  2. Thanks! Lots of good stuff 😀

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