RA Today ~ March 24

Hilarious tweets from Richard today – freezing hilarious 😉   BOFA went on sale today.  Otherwise, pretty slow day on Tumblr.


  1. 2 season 3 gifs from in jail by didsomeonesayguyofgisborne
  2. hand him over gifs by lostwiginity
  3. cartoons about Guy wanting to be loved by phantomdrawingbooth
  4. a relatable confession


  1. Lovely b&w edit by missru93
  2. 9 gifs by janarmitaged
  3. edit by mrpuddingston


  1. Article from the Irish Film Board
  2. News release from Empire Online by murmil


  1. Lips parted caps by fuckyeahmrarmitage
  2. 3 caps by sarah-pete-designs
  3. 4 caps by richardarmitagemania
  4. intense driving gifs by jackswhites
  5. Hot with glasses, cool without by lotsofchocolateicecream
  6. putting on and taking off those hot glasses gifs by armitagedaily
  7. topless Porter by zeesmuse


  1. God is dead caps edited by larygo
  2. Edited screen cap by me

Cap by clematis70


  1. Escaping Mirwood gifs by eira-finnely
  2. Caps by thorin-divine-forever
  3. Fan art by annayuma
  4. Too sexy for his shirt, so sexy it hurts – caps by armitagefan

Thorin & the eagles by cro-gall


  1. Adorable Monet gifs by jenny-tonic
  2. In conversation with RA gifs for The Crucible by applefia2036
  3. Cute pic from Graffiti With Punctuation AUJ DVD release promo by jollytr
  4. Richard and cows in New Zealand gifs by thorinds
  5. SDCC2012 pics by the-hobbit
  6. LA DOS edits by astharoshebarvon
  7. DOS Madrid edits by astharoshebarvon
  8. Being interviewed caps by astharoshebarvon
  9. Crucible interview cap by pollysthings
  10. AUJ Wellington snaps by akari01 
  11. With well wishers by mzperx0506universe
  12. At the China premiere of BOFA by mrpuddingston

DaMan edit by jassy101


  1. Anders Overgaard edit by bibliophilebunny
  2. Paula Parrish photoshoot gifs by lillyanjones
  3. Matt Holyoak and a full beard quote
  4. Cool catch of dif pic from Sarah Dunn by clematis70
  5. Close up of Sarah Dunn pic by thistie
  6. DaMan photoshoot edits by richardcfarmitage


recommended by The Armitage himself:


Did you just awkward slide me?

Is this R?

Fan Fiction

Marked by dragonsicknesss ~ A Thorin/OFC  fan fic   Chapter 2


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