RA Today ~ March 23

There’s a Tumblr Tutorial for anyone who has unwanted bits showing up on their dash.   By using a combination of Blacklist and Post Block, it’s easy to tidy up and only see the lovely bits.

I’m shocked and appalled by the distinct lack of Proctor edits and gifs.  Clearly it’s necessary to do something about that 😉  Now, if I could just remember who recommended giffingtool because I’m having some struggles and need their advice …


  1. Very NSFW comic by nfcomics
  2. Delicious gifs by mabelalexa


  1. fan art of Hannibal & Dolarhyde by anngeea
  2. fan art by chrsevanss
  3. gif story by francisdollarhydes


  1. John Bateman bts by jassy2101
  2. Gifs in blue by mabelalexa
  3. Fan vid concentrating on the father/son relationship with Harry by withmywingsspread 
  4. Gifs by mattyberninger
  5. The taking off of clothes and putting on of overalls gifs by gatissed
  6. 2008 interview scan by petruchiolucasthorin


  1. Tweets by Jamie Hannigan:  One Two Three  Four
  2. A fan’s fear by sketchlavie
  3. Cast announcement and link to Details article by riepu10 
  4. Photos and announcement by armitagefan


  1. Saluting the memorial gifs by fuckyeahporter
  2. Gifs from the promo vid by equion 
  3. Gifs by francisdollarhydes

B&W Porter by Serik27 


  1. A Crucipple Shrine by Guylty
  2. 2 gifs of Proctor speaking emotionally in his great coat by princevarric
  3. Microlina’s pic and account of being beside John Proctor
  4. 3 edited caps by richards-smile
  5. Washing gifs by oakenbaggins


  1. Bewitched gold sickness gifs by thearkenstone-ck
  2. A quad of gifs by thearkenstone-ck
  3. Will not part with a single coin by thearkenstone-ck
  4. Thorin sketches by antatius
  5. Dramatic edit by thearkenstone-ck
  6. Edit by its-babyface-lokirich
  7. Gently placing fish on Dwalin’s head by murmil

Thorin & Dwalin art by kassa-fabrication


  1. Final minutes gifs by hayworths
  2. Stock photo but it’s always worth it
  3. Gifs of interview mixed with shots from show by north-and-prejudice
  4. BTS pics posted by sweettasteofbitter
  5. ‘You’re coming home with me’ gifs by geeky-chick
  6. Lovely gifs by fringeofmadness


  1. Perry posted some cool info on potential new project
  2. Gary Fuller screen caps by triple-r-porn
  3. Steven in Frozen gifs by chrispinepine
  4. Pencil drawing of Richard (ala Robert Ascroft) by elinorart 
  5. Bearded Richie at the ITS premiere by jassy2101
  6. Richard & Luke at DOS promo tour by jassy2101
  7. AUJ promo tour gifs by someone but the source is gone
  8. Bafta Richard by larygo 
  9. Colourized caps of DOS LA by lillyanjones
  10. Colourized gifs of Paula Parrish photoshoot by lillyanjones
  11. Anglophile Channel 2013 Award gifs by awleepace 
  12. Hobbit bts pics including the blue crocs by scribemd
  13. AUJ Toronto Marilyn Dennis interview gifs by chrispinepine
  14. Glamour UK photoshoot gifs by armitage daily
  15. AUJ NYC edit by mrpuddingston
  16. BOFA Paris edit by mrpuddingston
  17. BOFA press conference shenanigans by look-back-look-back-at-me
  18. Classic Matt Holyoak pic by richardarmitakeme
  19. Gifs of Heinz Kruger by richardarmitakeme
  20. At the Principales 40 Awards by the-hobbit
  21. Empire Award footballer hair gifs by fluffalos
  22. Cool Matt Holyoak edit by berkshire-blues
  23. N&S Interview caps by petruchiolucasthorin
  24. Empire Award nomination thrill gifs by armitagedaily
  25. Funny Heirs of Durin gifs by circusgifs by circusgifs

From the Crucible interview by riepu10


Fan Fiction

The Shepherd by zeesmuse ~ Chapter 1 ~ A Sir Guy fic which goes with Manna From Heaven

The Queen by goodgirlheather ~ Chapter 4 ~ a Thorin fan fic


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