RA Today ~ March 22

The links below are a mixture of new and old posts but all are new to me.  I love that from time to time we see things from bloggers who have moved on – bloggers who contributed so much to the fandom and they deserve a monument to their memory 😀


My edit of our hero at the Paris premiere of BOFA

Richard Tweets/Weibos

The Crucible

By prefernot2

By serik27

By serik27

Act IV by nightshadow993

Act IV by nightshadow993

Act IV by nightshadow993

Act IV by nightshadow993


  1. Series 3 gifs by circusgifs
  2. Guy gifs by richards-smile
  3. Series 3 caps by mrsrichardarmitage
  4. by aniarafan2

TRUTH by lepersgisbornelepers


  1. In the Russian brothel gifs by gaporter
  2. Lucas and Maya gifs by riepu10
  3. Lucas at the door with neighbour gifs by riepu10
  4. Lucas nightmare gif by wesenightmare
  5. Lovely screencaps by look-back-look-back-at-me   Part II   Part III   Part IV   Part V
  6. With a naughty lady on his lap by myrichardtreehouse


  1. iconic porter gifs telling people to go … by richardarmitakeme
  2. edited pic by richardarmitakeme
  3. promotional shot by richardarmitge
  4. 2 gifs by francisdollarhydes
  5. screen cap by guardshapedproblems 


  1. Hilarious cartoon of Thorin & Bilbo gardening by non6ix  and one with acorn hats and the barrel scene
  2. Two gifs with earcuff showing by serik27
  3. Thorin and the map collage by volga-itilien
  4. Thorin gifs by whereismygandalf
  5. Drawing by portugasm
  6. AUJ still and cap by serecenhawke
  7. Thorin edit with text by weshouldallburntogether
  8. Receiving direction from 2nd unit director by ludokt
  9. Pen & ink by sun-stark
  10. Thorin sassing Thranduil by tolkien-shitposting
  11. How Thorin doesn’t care by tolkien-in-beleriand
  12. Charcoal of Thorin by johnsonthings
  13. I’m coming home gif set by evungelinelilly
  14. Thorin in gold sickness painting by sigun-i-loki 

Thorin at the anvil watercolour by Norloth


  1. Photoshopping “I wish to marry you because I love you” by armitaged-middle-earth 
  2. North & South in da hood by north-and-prejudice
  3. Photoshopped collage by heathfeath26
  4. Screen caps by myrichardtreehouse
  5. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde: Thorton & Thorin style by circusgifs


  1. Hacked text messages regarding RA body parts by meandrichard
  2. Interesting Pilgrimage post by clematis70
  3. Gorgeous Golden Hour gifs by jenny-tonic 
  4. Screen caps of the Hobbit read through by circusgifs
  5. Collection of pics from AUJ Toronto 2012 by jassy2101
  6. Pic of Toronto AUJ press event edited by mrpuddingston
  7. The nipple ripple by perry322
  8. Richard Armitage as an owl by deffrorddraig
  9. An old Lucas era pic I love but can’t be arsed to look up the photog’s name posted by clematis70
  10. Drawing by mischievousgryffindor
  11. Meeting Prince Andrew by 3intheam
  12. AUJ press tour gifs by ruinarmitage
  13. Link to an article about Richard III burial and our RA still wanted for the role by binglybonglybeep
  14. Walk of Fame cap with Evie & PJ by mzperx0506universe
  15. Richard being silly gifs by quinnsharleys


from richardarmitakeme (olala a favourite):

Hannibal Red Dragon by fringeofmadness

Of not being arsed to include links

From me …

I’m messing around with a slightly different format in order to make the list faster to compile … let me know if it’s working okay for you or if there is anything you’d like changed.


2 thoughts on “RA Today ~ March 22

  1. Loved it! All worked well for me 🙂

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