RA Today ~ Crucible edition

I debated about it – wondering, pondering, considering.  Surely people are overloaded by now?  Maybe … maybe not.  In any case, it’s challenging to navigate the tags on Tumblr, so I figured that I’d create a bit of a digest of The Crucible that has been done in the last few days.  This is a collection of screen caps, gifs, art and misc. arising from the recent worldwide release of the film.  I have gone through my archive, the Proctor tag and The Crucible tag on Tumblr and hopefully have found most, if not all, of the offerings.  Below I will provide the link and 1 image from that post.

It is quite interesting to review all of these posts and see how many are of the controversial topless and kissing scenes … and then look further to see the poster’s notes.  Despite claims to the contrary, there were only four posts which specifically mentioned the hawtness of the captured material and two of those were parodies.  The level of respect for Mr. Armitage and his work is quite astounding – apparently his fans don’t consider him a just piece of man candy after all.  Who knew?

A very ‘serious’ review of Nipplegate 2015 by PreoccupiedWithArmitage

Nipplegate via meandrichard

Report on the first 24 hours of the release by microlina

Proctor & Spongebob by thranduilea

Incredible artwork by cro-gall

8 gifs of the final kiss that will make you weep by oakenbaggins

10 gifs of the final kiss and farewell by durinssons

2 gifs in appreciation of Mr. Armitage’s biceps by oakenbaggins

4 gifs of the first kiss by farewellthorinoakenshield

3 caps with text by thorinarmitaged

4 gifs of Proctor yelling by benedictarabic

5 gifs of Proctor yelling by armitagsuniverse

Lilac is the smell of nightfall gif by fredragon

10 because it is my name caps by microlina

2 caps of topless Proctor by richleearmy

6 caps of various scenes by nooncarezs

4 caps of facial expressions by myrichardtreehouse   and another 6  and 2 more

8 final bow gifs by princevarric

collage by mzperx0506universe

2 caps begging forgiveness by larygo

6 signing the confession gifs by ieatpoisonedapplesforbreakfast

Putting on his shirt gif by muigai

Because it is my name caps by clematis70

7 washing up gifs by fringeofmadness

4 confession caps by applefia2036

3 caps of the first heart breaking kiss by myrichardtreehouse

Because it is my name cap with text by pollysthings

4 caps of the washing scene by ArmitageFan

3 washing up caps by fredragon

6 serious caps by thedeadviperofdorne  and four more

3 Proctor yelling at Abigail caps by microlina

2 caps by missyouannea

5 random screencaps by ArmitageFan

places I’d like to kiss John Proctor by meandrichard

screencap by nightshadow993

Ghostlike screencap of the final bow by thorin-baconshield

Collage by Jassy2101

The final kiss cap by jassy2101

5 Drying with the towel gifs by arkenburglar

Screen cap by lgprca

The final kiss cap by myrichardtreehouse

9 caps by pollysthings with her commentary

4 caps of Proctor & Abigail by applefia2036

3 shirtless caps by hobbitjt

8 sad first kiss gifs by r-armitage-characters

Edited cap by richardcfarmitage

Proctor drawings by planet715

2 Proctor at the table gifs by princevarric

2 Proctor speaking gifs by princevarric

gif of talking at the table by fredragon

Vulnerable at the washbasin by deliriosdeumasolteira

Assorted caps by mildredandbobbin

Cap and commentary by microlina

drying off and redressing caps by baganslover

I will bring you home cap and text by talian

My caps & edits

The first kiss 4 gifs




16 thoughts on “RA Today ~ Crucible edition

  1. Mezz says:

    Thankyou for all the work you’ve put into compiling this Crucible edition Jolly – beautiful caps and gifs – there’s a few I’ve missed along the way! So very pleased to see you back on track here. This is what it’s all about – celebrating the beauty, talent and amazing wonderfulness of our lovely man. 🙂

    • jollytr says:

      Thank you Mezz. It’s a *cough cough* taxing job to have to look at these sorts of things … such a …. a … a sacrifice. Yeah, that’s it. It’s a sacrifice 😉

  2. Hariclea says:

    thanks a mill!! i’ve been so swamped lately haven’t even made it to tmbl! missed you around here 🙂 I laughed so hard at the first one, the ingenuity of people never seizes to amaze me 🙂
    I love all stuff Proctor, funny and sad, sweet and creative, i hope we keep talking about Proctor for a really long time! really really love your 2nd cap, the light, the look, the hand, it’s just perfect is it from when Mary cam back home or was Hale there already?

    • jollytr says:

      Thank you Hari 🙂 I love all the Proctor stuff too even though much of it makes my heart constrict and tears threaten to flow. I am thinking about creating a photoalbum/slide show just for those times we need a concentrated viewing … attribution is the only thing holding me back.

  3. KatharineD says:

    You’re an absolute gem for compiling all this, Jolly- it’s been added to my bookmarks in my ever growing Crucible folder.
    Thank you, thank you!!

  4. Thanks Jolly! I missed a few and it’s great to have so many all in one place. You’re the best 🙂

  5. Reblogged this on richardtreehouse and commented:
    Jollytr has compiled a collection Of The Crucible gifs, caps and artwork. Nicely done.

  6. zeesmuse says:

    Thank you for this gorgeous collection!

    I am following you, why am i NOT getting email notices when you post?

  7. zeesmuse says:

    meh maybe I need to check it…. lol!

  8. linnetmoss says:

    This is a great collection! I confess my favorite is Sponge Bob. I can’t stop laughing because it’s like SB expresses the id of every fan…

  9. Mimi Cruz says:

    Right On, this is a fun collection, thanks for the hard back-breaking labor it must have been to bring them all together. 😀

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