The Richard Armitage Fan Diary

Armitage Agonistes

Mark your calendars/ KatharineD has assembled a list of dates for us marking upcoming Armitage-related happenings.

March 17         TC download
March 24          BOFA DVD release
March 29          Empire Awards
April 12             Olivier Awards
Mid-April          Cannes Film Festival  selections (UrbanATShedCrew -we hope)
May 28             Audie Awards (Best solo narrator)
June 4              Hannibal S.3 premiere 4th June
June 25            Saturn Awards
July 28             Hannibal episode 8 ( barring unforeseen preemptions)

And what we don’t know much about so far – How Sleepwalker  is progressing in post-production and whether it will appear in this year’s film festival circuit.

What’s going on with Pilgrimage? I think we know that…

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  1. Perry says:

    Thanks for the reblog.

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