RA Today ~ March 30

VERY excited!  Richard is going to be doing a Twitter Q&A for The Olivier Awards on April 2nd!  YES!!!!  Can’t wait to hear his thoughts now that he’s been able to put some time and space between him and Proctor.  He always has interesting insights and his sense of humour is wonderful 🙂  Happy Camper, right here!


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RA Today ~ March 29

RichardArmitageQuotes has launched a re-boot of the 31 day challenge.  It will be fun to see the photo/gif posts of fans as they share their descent into madness RA Well Wisher experiences.  I will link the posts which have pretty pictures but won’t link the text only posts.  Not because I’m discriminating, but because I’m discriminating.  Seriously, I mean no offense by excluding anyone but I rarely link text posts unless they are news or quite unique.  If anyone would prefer to have links to all of the 31 Day Challenge posts, just let me know.

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RA Today ~ March 26th

Hullo. Thank you to the brave souls who messaged me about RPF.  I really appreciate your insights and ideas – I’ve learned a lot and it was a cool experience 🙂  News on the RA front is fun from the Hannibal set where they keep saying that RA/Red Dragon is making the crew disappear, lol.  Tweets below.  The uncredited photos below are my edits from the archives.  Have a wonderful Guy Day 😀

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RA Today ~ March 25

A while ago I had a wonderful conversation with a dear friend about RPF.  There’s quite the spectrum of opinion on it and it’s interesting to hear others’ thoughts on the subject.  I’ve done a fair amount of reading on the appeal and evolution of fan fic, RPF and slash and the psychology of the whole thing is quite compelling.   I have written fictional character stories and RPF.  I read fictional character, RPF, slash, a little bit of AU, and one crossover.   I draw on my own knowledge base and personal experience, but I don’t write self insert (except once as a supporting character).  I make chocolates and ice cream but I’m not Meg; I volunteered with Hospice but I’m not Katrina; I have a lot of canoeing experience in Algonquin Park but I’m not Hannah; I was born on a farm but I’m not Eleanora; etc.  I don’t think for a moment that the character called Richard in RPF is THE Richard.  It’s an OMC with the name and physical description of that guy.  Sometimes, in fics I’ve enjoyed, the writer captures the fellow we see in interviews but even then, that’s not THE Richard – it’s an interpretation of the Public Richard Character that he plays.  Do I feel bad about writing about a real person?  No … it’s so obviously fiction with no bearing in reality and nothing I do will ever cross his path or the path of anyone close to him and if it did, they would probably groan, not from disgust or horror but from the sheer ‘Richard is Awesome-ness’ of it.  Is it Harlequin Romancey?  Absolutely – there’s a reason that company publishes those books and they are read by the millions every year.  Is there a trope?  Oh yeah – they meet,  there’s an obstacle, they resolve it, and they live happily ever after.  I put that spoiler in the tags.  The fallible Richard in the fan fic is a wonderfully normal guy, the sort of person you’d like to know.  He’s not a door mat, wimpy or innocent.  Nor is he a raging, kinky Dom.  He’s mature, a bit naughty, has good manners, great sense of humour, sometimes a bit of a temper, a little silly, intelligent, well spoken, observant, and generous.  That could describe half the men I already know.   So, this is a long winded way of saying, I write RPF and I love reading it.  I’ve included a feedback form at the end of this, I’d love for you to tell me what you think of RPF.

If you might find RPF of interest, I highly recommend shieldmaidenofscotland’s Another Unexpected Journey (linked below).  If you feel so inclined, you could check out my latest, Algonquin Bound (linked below).   Self promotion portion of the evening has come to a close.

Well, self promotion sort of finished.  But not quite. The uncredited edited photos below are mine and I’ve pulled them from jedits.tumblr.com/archive

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