2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #4

Love 🙂

Guylty Pleasure

After four weeks in the year 2015 I think we can establish that we have never had it so good. Hobbit goodness in Beijing, more Crucible stills, announcement of new role in Hannibal, and with all that exposure a heightened media awareness of Mr A and subsequently airport pics of the arrival in Toronto. No wonder tumblr is working over-time… Enjoy the rich reapings!

2015 Round-up 4

  1. Is he real? *Could* he be real? No way, he’s… he’s… well, read what not-that-kind-of-hot says, she’s got it
  2. While I am waiting for the endless-loop gif of this scene, I will do with linds–e’s photo set. I so loved this scene in BOTFA… slo-mo forever!!!
  3. Great gif for Hannibal by eightheads. I love the fire effect
  4. And this one by xstrangeandunusualxx I feel where I *really* shouldn’t feel Dolarhyde
  5. Originally posted by Zeesmuse, but I am including the comment thread to one of the Toronto…

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