RA Today ~ January 15

spooks-00786Oh the universe is a strange and magical place.  Why it was just yesterday that I waxed on about respecting fans and ships and whatnot when tagging.   And today, small wonder, I sent a post warbling about how the Thazog ship makes me ill TO MY MAIN TUMBLR BLOG.  Oh yeah, not to the private one that 0.5 people read and where I can let my freak flag fly. NOOOOOOOOO to the main one where I try very hard to be Switzerland because I don’t believe in publicly criticizing ships I don’t sail.  Yep.  The universe bit me in the butt and used my own stupid mouth to do it.   I am my own worst enemy.

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RA Today ~ January 14

by the-way-im-feeling

It’s official.  I’m totally creeped out and terrified to watch Richard in Hannibal.  And also a bit like a moth to a flame … won’t be able to stop it.

Yep.  It aint gonna be pretty.


On the upside, Richard tweeted today and he made Variety!

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RA Today ~ January 13

by jollytr

by jollytr

Richard is going to play the villain on 6 episodes of Hannibal.  The It’s always interesting trying to decode Richard’s new Twitter follows and certainly there was a great deal of speculation about the recent Bryan Fuller follow, well … mystery solved!   Can you imagine Richard playing a character whose serial killer moniker is “The Tooth Fairy”?  I’m grossed out and fascinated all at the same macabre time.

Goodies under the cut (with this new role, that sounds creepy)

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RA Today ~ January 8

Came across a llittle dilemma today.  There was an interesting post created by a blogger who I find absolutely interneterly (I just made that word up) reprehensible.  There are very few acquaintances that could ever elicit such a scathing shaking of the head and wagging of the finger.  In fact, I can only think of one at the moment who I’m not sure even exists, but if they do, they will receive the all time Jolly’s Internet Acquaintances Reprehensiblility Award.    But anyway,  so real internet reprehensible person creates a cute post and I debate whether or not to link it here.  On the one hand, it’s a cute post.  On the other, she is a vile human being and will be rewarded by likes and reblogs of her post.  Should I use the long touted “DL,DR” approached and ignore her (and all product).  Or, should I ignore the person and focus on the product.  Well, this Daily Digest isn’t exactly objective.  I don’t link every single thing that I come across.  Sometimes that’s because of redundancy, repetitiveness, and sometimes it’s because of poor quality.  And there are other things that I don’t post because of MY personal choices.  You  may or may not have noticed but there is very little nsfw, no mean spirited posts, or ships on this blog.  Every now and then there will be a piece of art that is just so freaking cute (irrespective of maturity rating and/or ship personage) that I can’t resist.  I don’t have a philosophical problem with nsfw posts/art or ships, but I also don’t feel compelled to link them.  Not everyone sails on the same ship and some people get downright seasick just looking at ships so this little corner of the world is landlocked – no ships sail here.  If I can easily make these editorial choices, why is it so hard to decide what to do with Cute Post by Horrible Person?  I’m not going to tell you what I decided but I’d love for you to tell me what you think.

Note:  I’m feeling a little saturated with caps and gifs from the BOFA screener … won’t be linking many of them.

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