RA Today ~ January 20 – 21

Montreal was fantastic!  Over 15 hours in the car, a two hour visit and more laughter than I can shake a stick at.  This family knows how to do a road trip 😀   And then coming back to the Beijing premiere with a TUX … swoon!  Most gentlemen look lovely in a tux but Mr. Armitage doesn’t just look lovely … he reinvents it, sends it to the stratosphere and then it comes down and is the definition of wearing a tux!

Today’s digest is quite long – two busy days in one.  Hopefully it’s not an overload.   LOTS of goodies under the ‘continue reading’.

guy aor 745407611b (2)

  1. the sound of underwear falling off, lol
  2. four gifs from S03E05, turning around and being handsome
  3. about to run you through, gifs
  4. dramatic edit
  5. b&w edit

  1. Amazing photoshop of Lucas’ back

rac ln 001

  1. Lucas, Harry & Vaughn caps
  2. Lovely full length promo shot
  3. promo shot in jeans & blue shirt
  4. interview & hand porn
  5. looking up at you gif with forehead crinkles and almost smirk
  6. Bateman confessing to Harry
  7. 9 reaction gifs
  8. b&w topless pic


  1. Caps with nothing lasts forever note
  2. Percy in assorted poses
  3. Smoking and looking smug
  4. Percy & Marie’s wedding day
  5. Topless and shaving


  1. that looking up with a slight blink & an almost smirk look, swoony gif
  2. returning home injured after Iraq mission fails
  3. Iraq episode gifs
  4. with the cut lip, he might look a little like Dolarhyde
  5. promo shot from Sky magazine

oldvictheatre-assets.s3.amazonaws.com assets File 2652.pdf

  1. leave me my name, caps & text
  2. gorgeous pics and caps  part II
  3. quad of pics


  1. Majestic with hair porn
  2. DOS shot in front of grandfather’s statue, foreshadowing
  3. hilarious fan art of Thorin in a crop top, with inspiration pic
  4. parallels with Thorin & Boromir
  5. Thorin fan art
  6. I have never understood this but have always found it hysterical
  7. Painful, ending caps of Thorin’s journey
  8. Thorin & the fish in a barrel caps

thorton aor 780454413

  1. gifs of first meeting at the Hale home
  2. parallels with P&P and N&S
  3. John & Margaret on her front steps
  4. Thornton in da hood

  1. Great compilation of pics, tweets and vid from BOFA Beijing
  2. Gifs from guokr video
  3. chin rug disguise photo collage
  4. comicon 2012 closeup
  5. reading Preludes by TS Eliot
  6. Canning & Workman photoshoot pics
  7. A little Leslie Hassler crop just for …fun
  8. gifs from The Crucible promo interview/vid
  9. trench coat Perou photoshoot pic
  10. colourized Chop & Urban pic
  11. collection of Urban & the Shed Crew bts pics, tweets, & instagrams
  12. light blue v neck of Justin Canning photoshoot
  13. young Richard
  14. DOS promo tour interview caps
  15. AUJ NYC candids
  16. Gary Fuller illustrates interaction with the Army
  17. Thorin being majestic and charming like Harry
  18. Dancing in Cats
  19. Richard’s eyes

BOFA Beijing

  1. collage of photos from the premiere – RA tuxed
  2. RA & PJ at the premiere red carpet photocall – RA fighting Azog like a drunk uncle
  3. RA punching out Azog – cap & gif
  4. being adorable at the premiere
  5. airport pics including a hug
  6. premiere red carpet smiles
  7. premiere red carpet candids with an autograph
  8. red carpet with PJ, Philippa & Richard Taylor  part II   part III  part IV
  9. James Bond on the red carpet?  swoon   part II
  10. red carpet swoonies  part II   part III   part IV    part V
  11. B&W from the press conference
  12. gifs of the stamping ceremony   caps of the ceremony
  13. NZ embassy event pics
  14. with Philippa
  15. press conference pics         thinking, thinking

Just go follow this tweeter … amazing twittering

Fan video

Thorin the Cheater on imaginexhobit

Thorin’s Coat around you by avril-of-fairlea Part II

Another Path for Another Life by mmeoakenshield ~ Chapter 2 ~ a Thorin/OFC fic


by mirielofgisborne


by armitagefan


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