RA Today ~ January 19

NO ONE can say there’s a dearth of photos from the press conference in China!  Lots and lots!   The premiere is today and there are going to be tonnes more awesome photos … and I’m off to Montreal for the day.  Will try and snag some goodies from my favourite blog tomorrow night … the best of the best ;-).

Lots of goodies under the Continue Reading link

guy aor 745407611b (2)

  1. funniest Guy gif ever in the history of the universe

  1. Fuller’s description of Dolarhyde in Season 3
  2. A freaking scary drawing of Dolarhyde
  3. a device to help him stay in character
  4. excellent fan collage


  1. charming and slightly slimy

rac ln 001

  1. Lucas & Ros staring into each other’s eyes
  2. Profile cap
  3. with blood on his face
  4. explaining his father was a minister gif


  1. cap set with a little bit of everything
  2. sitting at the table with Marie Lloyd
  3. smiling, dapper and charming


  1. moving fan art
  2. non6ix big Thorin & tiny Thorin wearing panda hats
  3. imagine Thorin gazing at you as if you were the arkenstone
  4. looking worried screen cap
  5. he found the key to … something
  6. smile of discovery gif
  7. whittling or peeling carrots fan art
  8. devastated Thorin missed the light gif
  9. Tolkien text and pics on a mountain top
  10. Thorin in a panda hat cartoon

  1. Richard is Piglet
  2. Richard and the guys as TH wrapped
  3. Cartoon of Richard in the panda hat
  4. on Anderson Cooper Live, December 2012
  5. cheeky in Toronto 2012
  6. black and whites from Beijing
  7. promo for Captain America First Avenger
  8. caps from the AUJ press tour

BOFA Beijing   Perry’s compilation of sources   panda hat gifs
swoon  sigh   laughing  gestures   Pic with fan  gestures II collage
Part A   Part B   Part C    Part D   Part E   Part F     Part G   Part H
Part I  Part II   Part III   Part IV  Part V   Part VI   Part VII
Part VIII   Part IX   Part X  Part XI   Part XII    Part XIII Part IXX
Part XX   Part XXI  Part XXII   Part XXIII

Cell vid of BOFA screening

Airport video including serenade

1905 vid starting at minute 14:15

news.mtime video (runs choppy on chrome)

Recovery by obscura ~ Chapter 23 ~ John Porter/OFC fic

Tethered by imbeautifulineverysingleway  ~ Chapter 9 ~ A Guy/Marian fic




2 thoughts on “RA Today ~ January 19

  1. suzy says:

    “Richard is piglet” 😉 LOL Thanks, great!

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