RA Today ~ January 16 and 17


janarmitaged asks us to vote for Richard -only one vote per person. click on the pic to go through to Whats On Stage voting page

There is still time to vote on What’s On Stage’s Best Actor in a Play click on the pic above to go to the site … only one vote per isp.

He’s clean shaven!!!!!!     I love all the incarnations of his facial hair but it’s been a long time since he’s been thoroughly clean shaven and the tweet from Fuller yesterday shows he is.  Swooooooooon.

Goodies under the continue reading …


  1. two promotional shots
  2. 4 caps in the driveway before school
  3. Hugging Trey gifs

guy aor 745407611b (2)

  1. riding in the woods gifs
  2. snarky, sneery, snif of disdain gif
  3. two lovely walking gifs
  4. 3 looking pretty gifs, 2 on horseback
  5. dramatic taking his cloak hood off gif
  6. lovely edits by tree
  7. several classic expressions of our man   part II    part III
  8. THOSE looks – oh dear
  9. smirking over his shoulder
  10. An enemy of his fun
  11. stay and make this place bearable caps, gif & text


  1. 4 happy caps

rac ln 001

  1. THAT promo shot with eyes down cast and so much lash porn I’m weeping
  2. pensive and thoughtful cap
  3. washing his face
  4. Lucas and Ros in Russia – B&W
  5. two smiles

moving on aor 613417701c

  1. Mulligan’s icy reality speech


  1. gif set by riepu10


  1. three beaten & bloodied caps
  2. doubtful, quizzical Porter gif
  3. blinky porter gifs with eyelash porn

shiclightenedsparkhouseicecreamSH vlcsnap-00452b

  1. Standring intensifies
  2. a little toc


  1. the confessor cried too
  2. close up bofa gifs – I’m crying
  3. three caps of bofa smiles
  4. running home from bofa to write fan fic to correct the Durins’ fate confession
  5. Thorin & Dwalin battle no more than a hundred goblins,lol
  6. Gorgeous Thorin in the throes of bofa madness
  7. Portrait artwork
  8. In Bree with Gandalf
  9. DOS majestic caps
  10. BOFA cap set of Thorin – spoilers
  11. Eerie dragon sickness pastiche
  12. Thorin at the forge with Tolkien text
  13. Race of dwarves pic set with Tolkien text
  14. majestic entrance after kicking gold sickness
  15. Thorin & Fili’s last moments spoilers
  16. bts two good caps
  17. receiving Orcrist
  18. The story behind the burning cloak in DOS
  19. Farewell to Thorin
  20. Tiny Thorin hairstyles
  21. quite incredible pen & ink of Thorin

thorton aor 780454413

  1. head and shoulders gifs
  2. he would always love her – caps and text
  3. selection of just John caps
  4. gifset of au john and margaret having a nice conversation

  1. really, really creepy art that’s totally effective
  2. Pic of Porter with Dolarhyde quote
  3. Shopped pics of Lucas with scar and text
  4. the show is on the bubble and hard to save, but NBC is trying
  5. lovely welcome and resources from fannibals
  6. fan poster for season 3
  7. foreshadowing of the role
  8. David Venni pic looks like it could be Francis
  9. BAFTA LA tea pic and text about Dolarhyde

  1. Guylty’s Weekly Roundup
  2. Through the years – a collection of caps and snaps
  3. Children’s BAFTA 2006 awards – pics I haven’t seen in ages
  4. assorted pics and caps
  5. sketch of recording Hamlet
  6. Nice edit of a Drew Gardner pic
  7. Waterstones pics
  8. BOFA LA photocall smiles
  9. Binglybonglybeep had drawn a pic of her story’s character and it looks like Francis
  10. a tux and a suit photo shoot pics
  11. crop of that yummy pic from the BOFA Paris red carpet
  12. Richard’s Johns
  13. With Martin in Japan, ruining lives
  14. Quad of pics from DaMan shoot
  15. The truth about Richard’s role preparation
  16. cute Richard at dwarf boot camp
  17. Portah arms at dwarf boot camp
  18. at the Strike Back premiere with Orla Brady
  19. The infamous whose feet are they debacle
  20. B&W Justin Canning shots
  21. Art of a DaMan pic
  22. an old interview talking about his car
  23. Closeup of RA and Ian from Sarah Dunn in Movie Star magazine
  24. Captioned caps (with lots of blinking) from Frozen
  25. on being a people pleaser and choosing roles

not new – but I’ve watched it at least a hundred times and it’s good for a hundred more

The Queen by goodgirlheather ~ Chapter 15 &  Chapter 16 ~ Thorin/OFC fic


by hiddleston-whispers


posted by britscatsromance


by mrpuddingston



One thought on “RA Today ~ January 16 and 17

  1. Thanks and thanks for including me! You’re the best.
    I’m almost caught up 😉

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