RA Today ~ January 14

by the-way-im-feeling

It’s official.  I’m totally creeped out and terrified to watch Richard in Hannibal.  And also a bit like a moth to a flame … won’t be able to stop it.

Yep.  It aint gonna be pretty.


On the upside, Richard tweeted today and he made Variety!

Goodies under the cut.

guy aor 745407611b (2)

  1. Season 3 caps & promo pics
  2. Not everything is true by nfcomics

rac ln 001

  1. Lucas and Maya in the kitchen gifs
  2. sleepy eyed in a black undershirt gif
  3. collage of pics from season 9


  1. Promo pics, tied up in a room
  2. Wet Porter gif
  3. Smiling in the red lights gif
  4. Heavy breathing gif
  5. Exasperation in the red light gifs

oldvictheatre-assets.s3.amazonaws.com assets File 2652.pdf

  1. Rehearsal & promo pics and a quote


  1. Tiny Thorin in a massage chair
  2. Thorin’s guyliner is a life ruiner
  3. Gorgeous B&W artwork
  4. PJ taking a selfie with shirtless Thorin in Mirkwood dungeons
  5. Blue eyed kings
  6. Key to Thorin was his eyes
  7. With Thrain

thorton aor 780454413

  1. John & Margaret reacting to each other caps


  1. Fans official cause of death
  2. Terrifying promo poster mock up
  3. Headlining in Hollywood Reporter and Variety
  4. I am fire fan poster
  5. Telegraph article   another more detailed version
  6. If you put a tooth under your pillow, will the tooth fairy come?
  7. Richard Armitage’s aesthetic
  8. Robin Hood era sketch that looks a lot like Francis
  9. Naughty Dolarhyde trivia
  10. Won’t bite unless you want him to
  11. Richard’s tweet and the text it’s from

  1. Richard and Ben collage
  2. Smiley gifs from BOFA press tour
  3. DaMan photoshoot in a quad of pastel colour washes
  4. Switching majors because of Richard’s performance
  5. Popcorn taxi what would you ask Tolkien question, gifs
  6. BOFA LA photocall (might be a new pic)
  7. BOFA LA photocall closeups
  8. A smiling interior shot that I don’t recognize – so cute
  9. William Chatford screen cap set
  10. 90’s footballer vine
  11. Dental comparison & humour
  12. At the Crucible movie premiere

Loving Gin by Zeesmuse ~ Chapter 5 ~ Thorin/OFC fic life pre-quest


11 thoughts on “RA Today ~ January 14

  1. Esther says:

    Especially love all the reactions to his role in Hannibal! 🙂

  2. Guylty says:

    Oh, is that a new blog design I see? Looks nice!

  3. boudicca61 says:

    I’ll just have to live vicariously through the rest of you, re: “Hannibal”. I can’t do it. Not even for Richard. It’s a gutsy move for him, and I hope it is a gamble that pays off well, but I’ll just wait for news at the end of it all. I hope he doesn’t dream in this character’s head. Do the job and move on, sweet man.

    • jollytr says:

      Ewwwwww …. yeah this is one character you don’t want to get too ‘into’. Dreaming his dreams? UGH! You just gave me the willies, lol.

      • boudicca61 says:

        Blame him. He’s the one who brags about dreaming as his characters. Though I still maintain he likes to tell tall tales.

      • jollytr says:

        Oh yes, couldn’t agree more 😀 His comment “I know what I’m selling” was probably the mostest, bestest honestest comment he’s ever made in the history of the universe! And I love that about him :-))))))

  4. Thanks! A great collection 😀

    I don’t think I’m going to be able to watch unless someone makes a kiddie version 😉

  5. ra-overload says:

    love today’s update too 🙂 thanks!

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