RA Today ~ January 6


by nyphette

Things got really busy at home today.  I’ve only linked new stuff I like – not the “just in case someone likes it” stuff.   Relatively slim pickings today for you, I’m afraid.  Oh … Richard won the Anglophile’s British Artist of the Year.  I have a confession … I didn’t vote once.  Bad well wisher?

  1. Previously unseen closeups from BOFA London by anunexpectedhotdwarf
  2. BOFA London pics posted by tallian taken by Bernd Talasch
  3. BOFA London b&w edits by godhric
  4. BOFA LA closeup edit by larygo
  5. Tiny love – tiny Richard meets tiny Thorin by non6ix
  6. Truth in Richarding by grantuire 
  7. Dorks stay away or come closer by sketchlavie
  8. Netflix abandons Richard by myrichardtreehouse
  9. Madrid Principales Awards by mrpuddingston
  10. At Cinemacon by tauriels
  11. Gorgeous nape curls by meandrichard
  12. Lovely Jameson Empire Award pics by neverif posted by armitagefan
  13. Selection of DaMan shots by aztiq-intheshadow
  14. Gerry Villaroma pics of BOFA LA red carpet by jollytr

The Silver Bead Chapter 2  Thorin

The Queen Chapter 8  Thorin

A New Beginning Chapter 4 Gary Fuller

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7 thoughts on “RA Today ~ January 6

  1. Hariclea says:

    Thanks for the goodies, saving them up for tonight 😉 but erm i don’t think that voting is done yet. Hadn’t looked at it before, but as far as i can tell the voting goes on until Jan 9th? What was circulated i think was just fan art, maybe to raise interest?

    • jollytr says:

      You are 100% correct. I saw the post, shrugged and moved on without looking back. This has become quite an interesting micro-event. I’m not a negative nelly; I enjoy supporting RA where possible; he’s been so much fun in the TAC interviews; so what’s up with the TAC awards this year? Perhaps a bit of introspection to discover the cause/nature of this ambivalence wouldn’t go amiss. It feels like a little bit of remorse should be in order but there’s none at all – just complete apathy. Has anyone else ever experienced this sort of thing in their well-wisher life? Things that make you go ‘hmmmmmm’.

      • Hariclea says:

        well i’m not much into internet based voting anyway if it is of little further consequence, i’m more into industry/professional awards. This is a fun thing to do as a fan 🙂 if one has time/inclination. I’m certainly voting in public awards such as What’s on stage for example. I’m sure i’ll find some voting think that will tickle my fancy 😉 Besides i like most of those nominated and don’t feel like competing with other fandoms. The one thing that i’ve thrown myself into with a vengence and with much pleasure taken out of it is seeing both BOTFA and Crucible as many times as possible. Still planning another BOTFA before month end. Now there i know i can make a real impact 🙂 And boy did i cry yesterday with Thorin when he died! Didn’t expect it to still happen the 4th time round but it did 🙂

      • jollytr says:

        I like the way you think 🙂 There was something which struck during the BBC awards this fall … it just seemed a little ‘off’ to compete with fandoms. What is the award then? Is it anything to do with the actual actor or is it who has the most fanatical fans? I dunno. I don’t mean to belittle fan based awards because there is merit and worth to show that an up and coming actor has a strong fanbase. That does help him/her I think. But, like you, I’m now in the more tangible mindset. Thank you for explaining it so well – you’ve helped me understand my own reactions better 🙂

  2. Just sent you an email about the voting ending on Jan 9th. I haven’t voted this year either.

    Thanks again for all of the links. For not having much time I think it was an impressive effort 😀

  3. boudicca61 says:

    Nah, not a bad well-wisher, just a busy one. Besides, I think Marlise has it rigged so that Richard wins every year. 😉

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