RA Today ~ January 3


by serik27

Slow day on the Tumblr front … but that’s quite alright … we all need a slow day from time to time šŸ™‚

guy aor 745407611b (2)

  1. S02E06 caps -set 2 – by pollysthings
  2. S02E06 caps – set 1 – by pollysthings
  3. Profile looking to his right in b&w by somanyguys
  4. Adorable, funny smirk by ivannna7
  5. Meg letting Guy out of jail gifs by bookloverrevealed
  6. The man and his minion – Alan a Dale by pollysthings
  7. Season 3 gifs by drikkylove
  8. If you’re talking, you’re lying according to Guy by nfcomics

rac ln 001

  1. Blue eye gifs by circusgifs
  2. Outdoor gifs by mabelalexa
  3. Dreamy caps by mabelalexa


  1. Percy’s saucy smirk by aniarafan2
  2. Somber Percy by aniarafan2


Porter collage by riepu10

oldvictheatre-assets.s3.amazonaws.com assets File 2652.pdf

Two posters by fili-the-little-lion-man


  1. Painting of Thorin on the carrock by horrible-deviceĀ 
  2. DOS EE bts expressive screen caps by thearkenstone-ck
  3. On Tolkien’s relationship between dwarves and caps by tallian
  4. An url obsession with Thorin’s voice by pretty-forest-fairy
  5. A post-BOFA imaginexhobbit that made me cry
  6. Thorin & Dwalin by farewellthorinoakenshield
  7. The rare Thorin smile (Bag End version) by ivannna7Ā 
  8. Intense stare edit by serik27
  9. An important dwarf – gifs and captions by boromihr
  10. AUJ edit of suspicious/resentful Thorin by roarslikealioness
  11. Young Thorin charging Smaugh by camaserye
  12. Can’t find the lock on Erebor by thearkenstone-ck
  13. Majestically staring while Balin recounts Azanulbizar gif by kiingalistair
  14. Gazing upon Erebor at the end of AUJ cap by thearkenstone-ck
  15. At night in Rivendell by blueglassspider
  16. Looking towards Bilbo by oakenbaggins
  17. Thorin doubting you maybe? gif by anyamoscow
  18. Heartbreaking BOFA closeup of Thorin by mo0on-light
  19. Misc. headshots by kuchenkruemmelxx
  20. Headshot edit by serik27
  21. Boyfriend requirements by glorfindley
  22. B&W AUJ gifs by bilbosacorn
  23. Multiple caps of Thorin through the triology by arainaitheirinĀ 

  1. Caps from The Crucible promotional video by lotsofchocolateicecream
  2. Candid of Richard and Elijah at the Hollywood Walk of Fame event by jcjm1619
  3. Richard & Manu at the DOS LA premiere by the-hobbit
  4. DOS Berlin edit by aniarafan2
  5. three twitter packs (icon and header) by layatars
  6. Tracey Nearmy pic by fyeahcelebmen
  7. BOFA LA premiere photocall by richardarmitagebr
  8. Project Magazine with pink shirt by thraduils
  9. Candid from ITS radio show promo with Steven Quale posted by armitagefan
  10. The TOC at BOFA LA premiere by richardarmitagebr
  11. BOFA London red carpet by mrpuddingston
  12. This imaginexhobbit will make you cry, I’m not kidding, I’m crying
  13. Lee and Richard preparing to be kinds by dex5m
  14. Richard tying his shoes by fabo

Of Journeys and Jewels by Lindeluren ~ Chapters 1-19 ~ A Thorin/OFC fic with silliness and a little smut

The Queen by goodgirlheather ~ Chapter 5 ~ A Thorin/OFC fic


by mirielofgisborne


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