Leibster Award

Jazzbaby1 was nominated for a Leibster Award and is spreading the love.  She’s very generous like that – always making people feel special 😀

Okay, ready? First, the rules.

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog into your post.

2. Answer 11 questions which you have been asked by the nominating blogger.

3. Nominate 5 to 11 other bloggers who have fewer than 1.000 followers.

4. Add a new list of 11 questions for the nominated bloggers.

5. Paste these rules into your post.

6. Make sure your nominees know about your post and their nomination.

JazzBaby’s questions:

1. Beatles or Rolling Stones?  Beatles.

2. What was your Richard Armitage gateway drug role?
thorton aor 780454413

3. What’s your favorite Richard Armitage role?

thorton aor 780454413 vlcsnap-00030 (2) shiclightenedsparkhouseicecreamSH vlcsnap-00452b SBDEp1-00996 rac ln 001 guy aor 745407611b (2) a vlcsnap-00176 839847372b oldvictheatre-assets.s3.amazonaws.com assets File 2652.pdf capture-20141016-161009 vlcsnap-Harry1_02986b

4. What’s your favorite picture of Richard Armitage?


anything by Robert Ascroft … or this year’s Sarah Dunn or … selfies or …

5. What song would you like to hear in a fanvid? Any particular scenario? It Had to be You ~ rom com wooing the love of his life

6. Coffee or tea? Both (but not at the same time)

7. If you could have dinner with any two people living or dead who would they be and why those two? #1 My mom – I have so many questions about her childhood and want her to know how much I love her.  #2 Richard – duh?

8. What book are you reading right now?  Roger Sudden by Thomas Raddall

9. If a train leaves the station travelling east at 50 MPH and another leaves fifteen minutes later travelling west at 55 MPH how long till I start crying because I hate word problems? 0.00000254 seconds.

10. Fili or Kili? Kili (loved Aidan in Being Human before The Hobbit)

11. How long did it take you to answer these questions? a couple of days – coming back to it off and on.

Thanks to jazzbaby1 this was fun!

My questions (all about RA):

  1. Did you know you were sunk the first time you noticed him:
  2. An interview/ comment/quote that you enjoyed:
  3. Does your family know about him, if so: their thoughts:
  4. A silly fan thing you have done:
  5. A kindness you’ve done/received from a fellow fan:
  6. A photo that moved you:
  7. A scene from his oeuvre which made you cry:
  8. A song you’d like to hear him sing:
  9. A reading you’d like to hear him perform:
  10. A nice encounter with him:
  11. A question you’d like to ask him:




5 thoughts on “Leibster Award

  1. suzy says:

    Thank you for tagging 😉
    Before christmas I nominated supersonicsonja with a lot of questions about music. And now the award comes back with questions about RA – that´s fun!

  2. jazzbaby1 says:

    Love your answers! Thanks for being willung to play!

  3. Mezz says:

    Oops, I’ve just gotten back to this. Okay with you if I eventually get around to it on Tumblr? 🙂

  4. […] Der liebster Award, den ich vor Weihnachten mit einer Menge Fragen über Musik weitergeleitet habe ist wieder zu mir zurück gekommen, diesmal mit Fragen zu Richard Armitage! Mit diesem neuen Thema, nehme ich ihn doch gerne wieder zurück! Mit herzlichem Dank an Just Richard Armitage: https://jollytr62.wordpress.com/2015/01/01/leibster-award/ […]

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