Wet shirts and bare chests

The Book of Esther

Oh wow, Armitage world erupts again, because of these…

armitage proctor @washbasin

A whole controversy has emerged over whether it is OK to ogle these, whether it doesn’t objectify Richard Armitage/John Proctor. Well, these are public pictures, everyone involved in the production must know the effect such images can have and it takes nothing away from the absolutely electrifying performance by Mr. Armitage. In fact, it adds to it! A state of undress like that may seem sexy (and believe me, I like to look) but it also shows a vulnerability and that’s what these images convey to me as well – a strong, sexy man at a very vulnerable stage in his life.

As soon as I saw these pics of a bare chested Armitage at the washbasin it made me think of this:

Darcy wet shirt 2

Darcy wet shirt 0In 1995 Mr. Darcy emerged in a wet shirt from a lake, with nipples showing and everything, and…

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An Embarrassment of Riches

well said!


I’m not sure where they came from but screen caps from the Digital Theatre production of The Crucible hit the fandom sometime over the weekend (no, I generally don’t pay attention, why do you ask?) followed shortly by a predictable dust-up about them. A fan page that posted them to Twitter had to explain themselves on Facebook yesterday because, gasp, the screen caps were of a half nekkid Richard Armitage and didn’t they know that was “objectification” and “disrespectful”?

Uh…come again?

You do realize that he took his shirt off approximately 101 times during the run of The Crucible, right? And you further realize that HE’S AWARE he took his shirt off approximately 101 times during the run of The Crucible, right? And you further realize that HE WAS AWARE that he was being filmed, right? He was also aware that he was baring his assets during Spooks, Strike Back, and Between the Sheets, AND…

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RA Today ~ January 20 – 21

Montreal was fantastic!  Over 15 hours in the car, a two hour visit and more laughter than I can shake a stick at.  This family knows how to do a road trip 😀   And then coming back to the Beijing premiere with a TUX … swoon!  Most gentlemen look lovely in a tux but Mr. Armitage doesn’t just look lovely … he reinvents it, sends it to the stratosphere and then it comes down and is the definition of wearing a tux!

Today’s digest is quite long – two busy days in one.  Hopefully it’s not an overload.   LOTS of goodies under the ‘continue reading’.

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RA Today ~ January 19

NO ONE can say there’s a dearth of photos from the press conference in China!  Lots and lots!   The premiere is today and there are going to be tonnes more awesome photos … and I’m off to Montreal for the day.  Will try and snag some goodies from my favourite blog tomorrow night … the best of the best ;-).

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RA Today ~ January 18


from richardarmitagenet

The Beijing press tour has kicked off tonight with Richard, Peter and Philippa.  Richard looks lovely and the tweets look like he’s having lots of fun 🙂   There will be lots of high def photos tomorrow but for right now they’re rather blurry and orange so I’ll wait before linking them here until they’re decent quality (well, except for a few).

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RA Today ~ January 16 and 17


janarmitaged asks us to vote for Richard -only one vote per person. click on the pic to go through to Whats On Stage voting page

There is still time to vote on What’s On Stage’s Best Actor in a Play click on the pic above to go to the site … only one vote per isp.

He’s clean shaven!!!!!!     I love all the incarnations of his facial hair but it’s been a long time since he’s been thoroughly clean shaven and the tweet from Fuller yesterday shows he is.  Swooooooooon.

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