The Mean Girl Challenge

What an uplifting response to a very real situation we all face. Thank you BeckyHoper 🙂

Words to Replace My Scream

I have been participating in online communities of one kind or another since my computer monitor took up my entire desk and my modem had a voice.

For years, my interest in these communities revolved around my struggles as a young woman trying to make sense of her blended family life. It was nice to connect with people who shared some of my experiences, but eventually, I became aware that most message boards were cesspools of passive-aggressive know-it-alls, so I stopped participating in them in favor of writing a blog.

My first blog wasn’t fancy. Blogs weren’t in those days, but I found a way to express my frustrations and joys without being constantly attacked. Far fewer people were reading my thoughts, but I was okay with that – I wasn’t writing about my experiences to win a popularity contest – I was doing it to survive.

It was wonderful…

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