RA Today ~ December 27


edited by applefia2036

There is a startling lack of Richard on my dash – not acceptable!!!  So I went lurking through the blogs of some Tumblr old timers and have started reblogging all kinds of goodies 🙂  This daily digest had moved to new posts only but since there is such a dearth of Richard … we’ll have some lovely old edits for a while.  Today applefia2036 found another Sarah Dunn photo and *ooof* gorgeous with a side of mind has turned to mush and exploded reproductive organs.

guy aor 745407611b (2)

  1. Hood Academy caps by shewalksinstarlightx
  2. gif by gisbornes-heart
  3. season 3 gifs by drikkylove
  4. close up edit by armitagecaps
  5. glaring by riepu10
  6. colourful collage by izkim
  7. playing the baddie by shadowcatjen
  8. handsome by a horse by richardarmitge
  9. cap edits by mabelalexa

rac ln 001

  1. bittersweet smirk by yatanis
  2. looking up from under his eyelashes by casecous
  3. selection of pics by chironstar
  4. four close up gifs by richardarmitge
  5. collage by izkim


  1. assorted gifs by izkim
  2. caps by mabelalexa


  1. armour of Thorin & Kili by halcyon-noir 
  2. artwork by oakenshieldoferebor
  3. artwork by circusgifs
  4. concept art for BOFA armour posted by yassena
  5. BOFA Smiles by lauraoakenshield
  6. songs will be sung, tales will be told by thorinkingoferebor
  7. quote and gif of wanting audience to remember by lokasenna
  8. painting by anne cain on deviantart
  9. in the Mirkwood forest by somanyguys

  1. Pics from BOFA London premiere by petruchiolucasthorin.
  2. BOFA London red carpet closeups by armitagefan
  3. Mitchell McCormack closeup by mrpuddingston
  4. collage (oh myyyy) by toraks
  5. tongue of concentration appreciation post by orithil
  6. following dreams by sketchlavie
  7. if Richard guested on Downton Abbey by frankreich
  8. David Venni edit with watermark removed by richardarmitge
  9. Thorton Oakenshield by tinwhistlings
  10. AUJ Toronto – Marc Levy’s photo posted by richardarmitge
  11. BOFA London selfie edited by mrpuddingston
  12. Nylon Guys photoshoot by Ben Rayner posted by theonewiththevows
  13. gasp worthy pics by Sarah Dunn by applefia2036
  14. that pic of sitting on the couch with his iPad and Thorin beard by alexthefab
  15. imagining Richard as an elf in TH by thorkibravo


Empire Magazine podcast – RA starts at minute 42:50


A collection of Thorin (and other character) feels fics compiled by Armitage Author’s Network (there’s one that’s a little familiar, hehehehe).


by serik27

by serik27


One thought on “RA Today ~ December 27

  1. ra-overload says:

    i absolutely love this post. thank you thank you thank you! ❤

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