RA Today ~ December 26

Happy St. Stephen’s Day


  1. GUY: wants to watch you bathe by nfcomics
  2. GUY: portrait by serik27
  3. GUY: gifs by mementomori-s
  4. GUY: walking gifts by riepu10
  5. GUY: gorgeous edits by serik27
  6. GUY: snarky Guy by nfcomics
  7. HARRY:  heaven in sweaters by aniarafan2
  8. HARRY: living with Rosie by pagetvbrewster
  9. THORIN: BOFA in a few words – spoilers – by marmaladewithpie
  10. THORIN: caps from BOFA trailers by westemnet
  11. THORIN: fan art by kadeart
  12. THORNTON: gifs by drikkylove
  13. THORNTON: caps by intimesgonebyblog
  14. THORNTON: the dinner party gifs by in-the-land-of-gods-and-monsters

  1. BAFTA red carpet Richard by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  2. Richard/Thorin mash up by mariondworld
  3. Mitchell McCormack edit by mrpuddingston
  4. Chris Pavlich photoshoot edits by clematis70
  5. BOFA LA red carpet by richards-smile
  6. BOFA red carpet pics by Guylty et al link posted by zeesmuse
  7. Post advent calendar lovely pics by applefia2036
  8. A very disturbing photoshopping video posted by applefia2036
  9. In leather and a beard by applefia2036

Tethered by imbeautifulineverysingleway ~ Chapter 7 ~ A Sir Guy/Marian fan fic ~ “Marian accepts Guy’s proposal at the end of ‘Walkabout’, both thinking that Nottingham is about to be destroyed. It doesn’t happen. Now they’re both left wondering what’s next. Will Marian actually go through with the marriage this time? And if not, how in the world does Guy deal with the loss a second time?”

by Jollytr

by Jollytr

MISC. http://i62.tinypic.com/14czocz.jpg






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