RA Today ~ December 24

Happy Christmas,
with love from my house to yours …

  1. GUY: he’s on a mission by guylty
  2. GUY: porn across the room by richardarmitge
  3. PORTER: silhouetted by euclase
  4. THORIN: Very closeup by mmeoakenshield
  5. THORIN:  his rights by boromirs
  6. THORIN: Merry Christmas from the Durins by eleanordaisyjr
  7. THORIN: DOS meeting Thranduil Tolkien version by garrulus
  8. THORIN: Kazhad reindeer doodle by thejerseydeviledoodleblog
  9. THORIN:  Santa Balin by thranduart 
  10. THORIN:  BOFA edits by thecrownlesskings
  11. THORNTON: DDA and RA gifs for modern AU N&S by north-and-prejudice

  1. David Venni photoshoot by richardarmitge
  2. The naughty list by sketchlavie
  3. Ornaments by riepu
  4. RA Christmas images by armitageitis
  5. Christmas RA by armitageitis
  6. From the RSC days by kkzientarska 
  7. Spending an afternoon kissing by richardarmitge
  8. Christmas message on the responsibility/ cause for our being on the naughty list in gifs by circusgifs
  9. Stop being so adorable by guylty
  10. Martin talking about Richard as Thorin by walkamongthestars
  11. RA Advent Day 24 by applefia2036
  12. Secret thoughts by gaporter
  13. Bwahahaha the difference 12 years makes by thorin-baconshield
  14. New pics from Da Man posted by jassy2101
  15. GQ pics by Mitchell McCormack by thorin-baconshield
  16. Wishes for this Christmas and 2015 by damnitfili
  17. Cutie pie Santa by carolinepatricia
  18. Advent complete by applefia2036
  19. Christmas manip by aniarafan2
  20. Mitchell McCormack collection by richardcfarmitage
  21. Not so silent night by sketchlavie

A Night With Philip Durrant by arianafandoms ~ Chapter 2


by serik


6 thoughts on “RA Today ~ December 24

  1. suzy says:

    Merry christmas, happy holidays and thank you very much for your Links, have so much fun! 😉

  2. Thanks! I did pretty well yesterday; only missed a few. It’s so nice to know that you’ll catch me up 😉

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